Scam iPhone15 Giveaway from Mathew Perry: Beware!

Don’t fall for the iPhone15 giveaway that claims the late Mathew Perry has a gift for all his fans. It’s a scam! You wouldn’t receive the gift prize after spending your money on the $8 shipping fee. In his will, the late actor did not request that his monthly residual checks from “Friends” be given back to the fans. The so called giveaway post on is just a subscription scam.

At the order page for the iPhone15, instead of the $8 shipping fee, people would be tricked into a subscription scam. The Terms & Conditions written in small prints says ”A one time charge of $119.21 at check out. You will gain admittance to our topnotch content which incorporates usage of healthy meal plans

Instead of a free iPhone15, victims would receive access to an online food magazine at an expensive subscription fee of $119.

The fake iphone15 giveaway post on

How The Scam Works

Uses Images of The Late Mathew Perry and Jennifer Anitson

The scam uses images of Mathew Perry and celebrities like Jennifer Anitson to promote the fake giveaway. With words like ‘Matthew Perry’s Last Will Includes A Gift For All His Fans’, ‘Mathew Perry Last Will iPhone15 Gift’ etc.

Lures People with fake ‘The Friend Fund’

The scam claims fellow cast members of friends have started a fund, with Jennifer Aniston taking the lead. They mentioned it is called “The Friend Fund” and fans are already sigining and gaining the benefits. However, this is false. There’s no ‘The Friend Fund’ created by cast members of the Friends show.

Convinces Users with Fake Reviews

On the comment section of the fake giveaway posts there are comments and reviews from people posing as winners. However, the profiles are fake and the reviews were scripted to make people believe the giveaway is real.

Traps You With a Professional Looking Website

The landing page for this scam is structured to look professional with the Time Magazine brand and logo. It also displays reviews from alleged winners. However, this is all part of the scam.

Scams Users with Subscription Membership

When you go to pay for the shipping fee, there are tiny letters in the checkout page which says you’re subscribing to a service and would get debited for some amount of money monthly. After paying for shipping, you wouldn’t receive the prize or get any tracking number, rather you will receive unauthorised charges on your credit card.

Steals Your Personal and Financial information

Aside from subscribing you to a phoney service, this scam also steals your sensitive data like your credit card number and name when you pay for shipping. This information is then sold to the dark web and used to commit different kinds of fraudulent activities.

What To Do If You Come Across Scam Mathew Perry iPhone15 Giveaway

Do Not Click On The Link

Don’t attempt to click on the link no matter how legit or convincing it looks. Clicking on it would direct you to a scam website that would either scam you or install malware into your device.


Contact the Support of whatever social media you’re on to report the misleading giveaway. This will help them mitigate it and stop future scams.

What To Do If You’re a Victim of Scam

Contact Your bank To Cancel The Transaction and Get a Refund

The first thing you should do is contact your bank to inform them about the fraudulent subscription. Through the chargeback system, you can get your money back from the transaction if you file a dispute claim.

Requests for a New Credit Card

Since you unknowingly subscribed for a service which you can’t trace, it’d be best if you ditch the credit card and get a new one. That way you wouldn’t get charged for the subscription again.

Update Your Passwords and Enable Two Factor Authentication

The second step you should take is updating your passwords. This should be done if you’ve used the same password you used on other websites or applications. You should also go an extra step of enabling two-factor authentication. This would keep you protected from data breech.

Scan Your Device with a Malware Checker Tool

There’s a likelihood that your device has been infested by malware or spyware after visiting the site. Scanning your device with a malware removal tool will detect and remove any viruses, spyware, or other malicious programs. See best malware device tools here

How To Spot Fake Giveaways on Social Media

Check the Company’s Social Media Accounts

The first step you should take is finding out if the giveaway has been posted on the company’s social media accounts. If it hasn’t, the giveaway is likely a scam.

If You’re Asked To Pay an Upfront Fee

Legit giveaways don’t ask for any kind of fee, whether shipping or handling fee.

Check For Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

Scan the giveaway post. Do you notice bad grammar, missing words, or spelling mistakes? These are red flags for a scam. Any company can make a minor mistake when typing out a win notification. However, multiple or glaring errors are a bad sign.

Search for Reviews Online

Are there reviews or posts about the giveaway online? It’s common for various news outlet to carry information about legit giveaways. By searching for reviews online you could also come across warning posts or complaints.


The iPhone15 giveaway from is a subscription scam. Victims of this scam do not receive the prize won but rather get unauthorized credit charges as they unknowingly subscribed to a phoney service.

Phishing scams are on the increase daily, and we’ve been able to fish similar phishing scams like – EireVerify, Svieducation scam, Vince Camuto email scam, NYSDOL scam, USPS scam, to mention but few.


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