Teslainvest.app Reviews {2023} Will You Earn 4,000€ Monthly When You Join The Elon Musk Project?

Have you heard of Teslainvest.app Investment platform? An alleged Elon Musk project that enables you to earn from 4,000€ monthly? Beware! It’s a scam.

It is not an authentic investment platform. It is designed by scammers whose goal is to lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals. A lot of people have reported of being scammed by this malicious website.

The Teslainvest.app 2022 – How does This Scam work?

It is a fraudulent website designed by scammers and claims to be an online platform that allows people to invest and make consistently high income without requiring their direct participation in the process.  It allows you to invest from any device and anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, some investors that has fallen victim for this website have left some negative review online expressing regret.

See reviews below –

This is a scam. This website was NOT created by Elon Musk or Tesla; they’re being impersonated. Do not use this website to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies – you will not make real money from this. If you deposit any amount of money into this, it is very likely gone forever. If you try to withdraw your funds, expect to have your account suddenly suspended, for there to be “unexpected” errors, or for you to have to pay an impossible fee before you can withdraw (even if you have to pay, you still won’t receive your money).


Don’t dare click on the website. Once you click and provide them with your e-mail and contact number they will ring you immediately and would promise you anything to make you deposit money with them as quickly as possible. Don’t be deceived. It is all scam!

From the ongoing, teslainvest.app is not a legitimate platform It was never created by Elon Musk. Just like Fimpocket, USDtuut and USDtmarks. Online users or Crypto traders should not visit or submit personal or financial information on them. They have no information about their operation.

Also, you can report scams, untrustworthy websites and tell us why you consider the websites fraudulent. See similar phishing scam; SharpUSPS scam text, Wal Tracking Scam, Delware BPO Scam, Publix 90TH Anniversary, etc.

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