Reconsider Buying From In 2024: All You Need To Know

It can be tough to find new places to shop online with so many options out there. have gained quite a lot of attention as an online store where you can buy different types of clothes. Before spending your hard-earned cash, many of us like to read reviews to make sure we’re making a good choice. So, when we heard about, we decided to check it out and see if it’s worth it. website


TeePublic is like a big online market where artists can sell their cool art on all sorts of stuff. They sell stuffs like t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, pillows, stickers, and even pins.

So is worth your money? Honestly, we think you can find someplace more reputable. 

Though the brand has a nice selection of dresses, you can find the same styles with other companies that have a more trusted reputation and probably better deals.

Reviews From People Who Bought From This

There are lots of positive reviews on Trustpilot but these reviews are totally different from the stories on BBB and also on

his outfit does NOT stand behind its work. I got lousy items that were defective, and the company asked for photos and then disappeared. I had to get my credit card company involved, and even then no response. Do NOT pay for this stuff, because if the printing looks lousy, etc., you will never see a refund.

Poor quality T-shirts and if you order a group of products like a mug, a T-shirt, and a sticker from the same soccer team in Peru they’ll send you the T-shirt but don’t send you the mug or the sticker and when you complain their response is to pick something else out that’s not available anymore…:, no mention of giving me my money back so I give them one star and buyer beware review

Site freezes then dumps my cart. Tried over again more than once and still failed to make it successful. Very aggravating and disappointing.

I was looking for a Paw Patrol women’s tshirt to wear to my grandson’s 4th birthday. I am very particular when it comes to the type of picture and layout. I found the perfect one for me through TeePublic

Why I Won’t Be Buying From Again

The T-shirts are disappointingly thin, practically see-through. After just one wash, the print starts peeling off. Despite promising design ideas, the execution falls flat. Ordering multiple products from the same theme often results in missing items, with customer service offering little help beyond suggesting unavailable replacements.

Navigating their system of third-party providers printing on various shirt styles is a headache, leading to unpredictable outcomes in terms of size and quality. Don’t bother doing business with them – their lack of quality control means you’ll never know what you’ll receive.

Do We Recommend

Not exactly. If you’re thinking of ordering from TeePublic, remember that your shipping speed isn’t just up to the shipping carrier. The sellers themselves play a big role in the process. Sometimes you’ll get your stuff fast, but other times it’s a waiting game. Plus, they might use UPS Mail Innovations, which is super slow since it goes through UPS and then USPS. In a nutshell, I won’t be buying from this company again.

Are Their Clothes True To Size

Not exactly, the comments from BBB confirm that they aren’t which does not exactly tally with the ones on Trustpilot.

Can You Make Money On TeePublic

Yes, you can make money on TeePublic!. I’ve made a few bucks there myself, but if you want to really boost your earnings, it’s a good idea to sign up for as many sites as you can that let you sell your designs.

There are lots of them out there, but I’d recommend focusing on these four: Redbubble, Teespring, TeePublic, and Society6.

Just a heads up though, don’t expect to get rich quick. In my experience, stickers are the best sellers, but they don’t bring in a ton of cash.

Final Words

In our investigation, we found that TeePublic treats its artists very, very BADLY. They ban their stores out of the blue without giving any explanation or previous warning, if they decide you broke the T&C they don’t even give you the chance to fix what you’re doing wrong according to them. It’s just so cruel how they don’t care about the hours and hours of work the artists put into their stores. After not giving you a warning or at the very least an explanation, as decent people would do, they tell you to send them an e-mail if you want to know what happened, but they can choose to ignore that mail anyway. So you have to basically beg them. You can find many complaints about this behavior on the Internet. They have been doing this for years, and they even owe some of their artists money. I wouldn’t trust these people,

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