Is Real or A Fake Get-Paid Platform site is an unreliable website that claims to help you earn more by simply watching ads. Don’t be fooled by its initial payment, because over time, the money it gives you will decrease to less than one cent per day, the only purpose of this site is to use you.

Are you still on the hunt for a simple way to make money? Well, you might have come across, where they pay you for watching ads. Sure, watching ads sounds easy, but does it really work? website Overview is a website where you can supposedly make money by watching ads and bringing in new users. While it sounds easy to earn by watching ads, the reality is that companies don’t pay much for this. On my website, you’ll find ads, and when users click on them or interact with them, I earn money.

Is Cashvib legit?

It’s hard to say. They start off by offering high rates for watching ads, but as you get close to being able to withdraw your earnings, they start giving you ads that pay very little. It makes you wonder if it’s all worth it.

How I Tried

It’s misleading – they didn’t mention upfront that you need to spend $60 on advertising and $10 on promotion to withdraw cash. Plus, the amount you earn from watching ads decreases over time. Even if you manage to get 60 friends to join, you won’t make $60 in advertising fees. I’ve brought in over 60 friends and made more than $70, but it’s still not enough.

If I don’t get a fair deal within a week, I’ll get hundreds of group members to promote on big platforms until the website shuts down.

Review From People Who Have Tried

There are lots of negative reviews on Trustpilot about the website and people calling out the site to be a scam. Here are some of the reviews:

Poor website, this website is a scam please don’t waste your time with this website you need +600 year for reach withdrawal limit 

This website is a scam they change their link every week trying to play wise or they block you from their site. This website scammed me i made $12.49 from this website and then they blocked me from entering their site. make sure I sue your company for promoting fake websites to waste people’s effort, data, and time

This website is completely scam and does not have any payment, in fact it uses you as a tool to earn more money from advertising and you click for free. is a total scam. I signed up to this website and started watching adds and as soon as I was about to reach the $70 minimum withdrawal amount, my account was blocked.

Is Cashvib Worth It?

This site claims to pay you for watching ads, offering a $10 bonus just for signing up. Initially, they pay $0.5 for each of the first 5 ads daily, totaling $2.5. But as you near the minimum withdrawal amount, the rates plummet. By the time you reach $55, they drop to $1.2 for 5 ads, and at $56, it falls to a mere $0.03 per ad.

To cash out at $70, it would take over 50 months at the $0.03 rate from $56. So, while it may seem enticing at first, it’s actually a slow and challenging way to earn money.

Why People Feel It’s A Scam

This website seems shady. People say they keep changing the link or blocking users. Someone claimed they got scammed out of $32 and got blocked. Now they’re threatening to sue because the website’s fake and wasted their time and money. They’re giving the website two weeks to fix things or they’ll take legal action.

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