Store Reviews(2024) Is This Online A Scam sells $9 worth of clothes for $100. Their pictures show beautiful, classy clothing, but the actual product is garbage. The clothing is a very cheap fabric that won’t survive the first wash. 

Their website is deceiving and claims to be an Australian website with as domain name. Under the returns page, there is no mention that returns are to an international address making the shipping price expensive. It’s an aim to deter buyers from returning items. Here’s all you need to know. website

About pretends to be an Australian women clothing store that sell quality dresses, tops, sweaters, cardigans etc. However its actually a fraudulent website. I investigated and found misleading information about the website and why you should stay away from

Why I Do Not Recommend Buying From Curvedream

The clothes look great on FaceBook, and they say the clothes come from South Carolina but it’s all a lie. First the quality of the material is sub-par, the workmanship shoddy, and the sizing irregular. Also, they’ve started a new page called Curve Ladies, selling the same lousy clothes and I found several of the same items on Azlee website. 

Secondly, As many customer reviews online,they try to haggle with you wanting you to keep the offending items whilst offering you either a partial (tiny) refund or trying to add insult to injury by offering you a store voucher to spend on their site. 

It takes forever for shipping and if it doesn’t fit they also take for ever responding back (there isn’t a phone number) They will only off you a coupon about half of what you paid for your refund. And it goes towards your next purchase through them.

My Disappointing Experience

I just got my order from CurveDreams, and it’s a total letdown. I was so excited because their website made these cardigans look amazing, but what I got was worse than dreadful. The multi-striped one looked like it was thrown together with leftover yarn, and the colors were nothing like what I saw online. It’s more like a bad Christmas sweater than anything else.

The quality is terrible, with the color only on one side of the fabric. It’s like they forgot to dye the other side! I wish I had checked out CurveDreams before ordering because this is not what I expected at all. None of the stuff looks like it does in the catalogue.

To top it off, they give an Australian address, but the stuff comes all the way from Hong Kong.

Is Their Customer Service Any Good

They are horrible to deal with after sending poor quality merchandise. They list their return policy as 30 days but then said it had to be returned in 7 days with other ridiculous conditions.

Reports From People Who Bought

There are lots of negative comments from customers who bought clothing from this website. Some the complaints are about shipping, customer service and quality of the clothing. They include:

This appears to be a scam site. The tracking # that I received doesn’t relate to anything. The site it is supposed to connect to is just a junk phishiing site. No reply from customer service. Has been over 3.5 weeks with no reply and no product. I’ve put in a fraud alert with bank

Absolutely low quality, horrible clothing. Just received my order. Spent $200 for stuff that came from China that I have no idea how to return. The clothes I received does not look like the website.

Ordered summer pants. They look very attractive on their website. But, let me tell you they look nothing like they did in the picture, they are a horrible dirty white very cheep material that you can see right through. The only thing that I can say in their favour is that the size was right. Very disappointing.

Are They True To Their Refund Policy

No, they do not follow the return policy on their website. The clothing is horrible and cheaply made. The fabrics are not linen and they make it virtually impossible to return anything. Instead they bargin with you. You also have to pay for the shipping to return it and wait for them to tell you where to return it which they never do.

Final Words

Do not buy from When you order, you get cheap products plus the fabric and sizes won’t be the right size for you. The pictures are deceiving when online ordering.If you have and they ripped you off, too, please contact your state’s Attorney General’s office and file a consumer complaint.

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