Think Twice Before Shopping From

Think twice before shopping from This terrible company does not deliver advertised product and there is no proper contact computer-generated replies. might seem like a real online store, but it’s a scam. They trick people with super cheap prices on stuff. But when you buy, they either don’t send anything or send junky stuff. Stay away to keep your cash safe and avoid getting ripped off.

A Glance At says it’s all about selling clothes like tops, sweatshirts, and more at crazy cheap prices. They promise a whopping 90% off on final sales. Sounds pretty tempting, huh? But before you get too excited, let’s dig deeper to see if this store is the real deal.

My Experience Buying From

I had a super frustrating time with Sephora’s website recently. I accidentally ordered the same thing twice because their system messed up. Even though I called right away, they said they couldn’t cancel one of the orders because it was already being packed.

What’s even more annoying is that just a week before, they cancelled my order without telling me, but now they couldn’t cancel it within an hour. It’s really disappointing to get such bad service, especially when I’ve been a loyal customer.

Customer Reviews And Reports

I have placed an online order from Sephora on 6th April but the product has not yet arrived. I have tried to contact customer care but the number is not working nor have I received any reply to my emails.
It was a pre-paid order. I don’t know how and whom to contact to trace my order.

Advised them I needed before mother’s day which they where ment to send next day delivery, upon asking where my item is they then after 4 days says they haven’t got it in stock considering I paid next day delivery, only when I reached out to them they advised it is canceled and they have refunded me which takes 7 days to go back into your account!!! If you haven’t the stock, don’t advertise!!! Try investing in staff whom keep check on the stock!!! It was a very expensive item also which is more frustrating as now I can’t get it on time for mother’s day

Why We Do Not Recommend Buying From

There have been lots of reports from customers who bought from selling products that may be fake or of low quality, particularly from major brands. Customer support can be difficult to reach and unhelpful. When I contacted customer service, they stated I could only return it if it remained sealed, despite the fact that you can’t truly assess the quality until you’ve used the product.

Unfair Treatment: Sephora’s handling of stuffs can leave you feeling cheated. They enticed me with a reward offer, but when I used a membership code that brought the total just 7 pennies below the threshold, they refused to honor the reward.

How Long Does It Take To Ship

If you’re ordering from Sephora online, brace yourself for a slow ride. It takes them over 5 days just to process your order, not to mention shipping it out. You might end up waiting more than 10 days just to get your stuff! They’re quick to take your money though, within 24 hours. But if you’re after fast service, Sephora might not be your best bet. I’m steering clear from them next time.

Do They Offer Refunds

Sephora’s return policy is a nightmare. They refused to do anything about a product with faulty packaging because it was outside their 60-day window. This speaks volumes about their customer service. If you have an issue, don’t expect much help from them, especially if it’s been more than two months since your purchase. It’s frustrating dealing with a company that won’t stand behind their products, even when the problem isn’t your fault.


SephoraCare is a total rip off and doesn’t have a real address, it’s a newbie in the online world, sells stuff dirt cheap, has lousy customer service, no social media vibes, and lacks proper security measures. With all these red flags waving, it’s best to steer clear of this store to dodge getting duped.

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