China Invisibility Cloak Real or Fake: What You Must Know

The Chinese did NOT invent an invisibility cloak. TheChina Invisibility Cloak you are seeing online is fictional, magical or what we call fantasy. A video have been making rounds online claiming to show an invisibility cloak in action. People are saying the guy in the video works for the Chinese government. But guess what? It’s all fake! We couldn’t find any link between the video and the Chinese government. Plus, the the video has been seriously edited.

Lots of people have reached out to us via email to determine if the video circulating online is legit. Here’s how we investigated.

China Invisibility Cloak News
China Invisibility Cloak News

What Is The Deal With The China Invisibility Cloak

An article circulating online claims a bunch of Chinese grad students made this coat called the InvisDefense. It lets you be seen by people but not by security cameras. During the day, the coat has a pattern that confuses cameras, and at night, it gives off weird heat signals.

The article states “InvisDefense coat makes the wearer visible but not recognizable as a human. This could be useful for anti-drone technology and military operations.”

The Truth About The Invisible Clock

Invisible cloth, like the ones you see in stories or movies, isn’t something that China or anyone else invented. It’s all make-believe stuff you find in sci-fi or fantasy tales.

You might’ve heard of invisibility cloaks or fabrics that can make things disappear, like in “The Invisible Man” by H.G. Wells. But let’s be real: in the real world, making stuff truly invisible just isn’t something we can do yet with our tech.

Beware of Scams: No Such Thing as Invisible Cloaks

If someone’s trying to sell you a so-called invisible cloak or anything like that, it’s most likely a scam. There’s no real magic here—just a way to take your money.

Sure, there have been some cool tricks with cameras and reflective cloaks that make people seem invisible from certain angles. But it’s all smoke and mirrors, just an illusion. Don’t fall for it!

Does Invisibility Cloaks Work

No it does not. This is just mere hype. The videos you are seeing online are some really poorly photoshopped pictures. This kind of broad-band, macroscopic, visible wavelength, isotropic, not to mention flexible meta material does not exist yet. And we’re not that close.

So, you’ve probably seen invisibility cloaks in movies and thought, “Wow, that would be awesome!” But making one in real life is way harder than it sounds.

People’s Reactions to Invisibility Tech and Hidden Theme in Harry Potter Credits

There are mixed reactions on Reddit and Twitter concerning this invisible cloak invented by the Chinese. Here are some of the reactions:

Amazement and Humor: Some people found it unbelievable but hilarious that researchers are creating materials to make things disappear by messing with light. They shared their thoughts on social media, joking about Harry Potter being ahead of the game and marveling at how sci-fi ideas are becoming real.

Criticism and Realism: Others were skeptical, pointing out that the invisibility tech isn’t perfect. One person joked about trying to hide in a bank with it. Some of the conversations on Reddit include:

The cloak is also being held straight like the regular shields If it weren’t, it wouldn’t work, which is why he never drapes it over himself Harry Potter style

One of my old bosses used to buy stupid stuff online all the time. One day he came in all excited because he just bought an invisibility cloak. The look on his face when he pulled out a 3’x3′ piece of green fabric will never not be funny to me

Final Words

There’s no such thing as an invisibility cloak invented by the Chinese. This is just mere hype. The videos you are seeing online are some really poorly photoshopped pictures and do not in any way look real.

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