Warning About Airify Pro Vacuum Cleaner: Save Your Money

Airify Pro have gained attention on TikTok and several online websites as a vacuum cleaner that combines that same features as a blower to get rid of dirt.

Sometimes, products like Airify Pro can seem amazing in ads, but when you get them, they’re not as great as promised. It could turn out to be like those cheap vacuum cleaners you find at discount stores, with only one flimsy attachment that struggles to pick up even small crumbs. In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and using this product to help you make an informed decision.

Airify Pro
Airify Pro Vacuum Cleaner

About The Airify Pro

The Airify pro is a website selling the airify pro vacuum. The manufacturers claims it can make cleaning simple with their powerful vaccum + blower that has powerful vacuum and blower functions. But does it work? 

Top features include

  • They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed
  • It’s compact & portable
  • Combines Powerful Vacuum And Blower

My Disappointing Experience 

My experience with the Airify Pro vacuum was a total letdown. Right out of the box, it was dead as a doornail, even though I had fully charged it. I couldn’t believe Amazon allows such junk to be sold on their site.

I tried to get a replacement, but they wouldn’t offer one. Instead, they sent me a returns label, but I had to pay for postage. It would’ve cost me more to return it than it was worth, so I just decided to chuck it in the bin.

I’ll be getting a similar product from TEMU for less than half the price. This Airify Pro had absolutely zero suction power. It couldn’t pick up anything, not even a light crumb. If I could rate it zero stars, I would’ve done that without hesitation. What a waste of money.

Is It Worth Your Money

No, It feels and looks cheap when you get it. And it is not good at being a vacuum. The blowing feature maybe useful to cool you on a warm day but apart from that don’t bother buying as it will lead to dissatisfaction.

I was so disappointed. This vacuum is ok at best but It is definitely not worth £30. I think the same model can be purchased for under £10. It also doesn’t last 20-30 minutes after a full charge.

Major Downsides

I wouldn’t recommend buying Airify Pro. It’s like a cheap knockoff of what they show in the ads. It’s weak and doesn’t suck up dirt well, plus it takes forever to charge.

The worst part? It dies after only about 10 minutes of use on a full charge. And if you want to return it because it’s so bad, you have to pay for shipping back to the seller. It cost me £18.20 just to send it back. Total rip-off.

Customer Reviews

There are many customer complaints online about this product and what the company offers. Many of the people who bought the Airify Pro are not happy with what they bought. Some of these reviews are on Amazon and they include.

Not enough suction power for even loose dirt on my car seats and floor

The item barely has any vacuum sucking power and is not an effective car vacuum. Seller is not willing to provide refund with returned product.

This has zero suction and is the worst! Don’t bother!!!! What a disappointment the product is cheap, nothing to do with what is advertise the quality of materials is terrible don’t buy this by no means.

Airify Pro: Is It Legit or Scam

Airify looks fishy. People who bought from them didn’t get their stuff or got something else entirely. And when they tried to get help, the contact info didn’t even work. So, it’s better to stay away from Airify and similar sites to keep your money and info safe. Also it’s cheap, does not work as advertised and it took over a month to ship.

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