Techobc Surprise Message (2022): Is It a Scam? is a website that allows you make personalized birthday/New Year wishes. BUT using the website exposes you to online hackers. How? Read this review to find out!

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc for our reader’s financial safety.

This Techobc reviews exposes everything you need to know about the website, and why it is likely fraudulent.

How Does It Work?

TechoBC or Techo BC which is located at, is a website that allows online users to enter their names and display a surprise message wishing them a personalized Happy New Year 2022 message. Sounds pretty charming right? Sadly just like the website has a malicious intent. See reasons why we think so below-

Why Techobc is a Scam is a scam because it tries to gain access to your social media accounts. People who have used the website complained that their Facebook account was hacked at some time.

This is because the website ask users to share it via social media like Facebook and WhatsApp, and when you do so, you unknowingly install a malware to your Facebook or WhatsApp. This malware then hacks your account.

As a result of this, you shouldn’t use the !

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