Super Bowl Scam(2024): How To Identify A Fake Super Bowl Ticket

Scammer are using artificial intelligence (AI) to sell counterfeit tickets and merchandise on unsuspecting fans. They’re also make use of AI to reply people who ask about the tickets, making it harder to tell that they’re scams.

Are you considering buying tickets for the Super bowl event? This blog post will reveal Super Bowl Scam, how it works and what you can do to avoid this scam.

What Is The Super Bowl Scam About

The Super Bowl is like the final match of American football. It decides which team is the champion of the National Football League (NFL) for the season. It’s a huge deal, watched by millions of people, with the winners getting a special trophy. However Fake tickets are a big problem, especially for big events like the Super Bowl.

Scammers, including scalpers and bots, are trying to trick fans into buying fake Super Bowl tickets. Counterfeit ticket scams, like the ones Taylor experienced, are common, especially for big events like the Super Bowl. Nisos, a company that investigates scams, has looked into fake Super Bowl tickets and found some worrying tactics used by scammers. These tech-savvy scammers often use computer programs to make fake tickets that look almost real.

How Scammers Lure Victims In

The Scammers make use of fake tickets that look real by using special computer programs. They also copy barcodes from real tickets to make their fake ones seem genuine. They use computers to find and target people who might fall for their scams.

How Do I Get A Super Bowl Ticket

To get a Super Bowl ticket, you can buy ticket packages from Ticketmaster, the official place to get NFL tickets. They make sure every ticket is real, so you know you’re getting what you pay for.

How To Spot The Super Bowl Scam

  1. Scammers offer big discounts and make up stories about needing to sell quickly due to personal reasons like family emergencies or work issues.
  2. The scammers use image editing software to create fake tickets that look real. They also use automation and AI to quickly respond to posts from potential buyers, targeting them with fake offers.

Here Are Some Tips To Avoid Counterfeit Tickets And Merchandise:

  1. Trust Your Gut:
    • If something feels off, it probably is. Look for holograms, consistent ticket designs, proper paper weight, and correct bar codes.
  2. Buy from Trusted Vendors:
    • Purchase tickets from official NFL sources like the NFL ticket exchange, Ticketmaster, StubHub, or SeatGeek. For merchandise, buy from vendors displaying the NFL logo.
  3. Shop on Secure Sites:
    • Make sure the website URL starts with “https” and look for a lock symbol. Avoid Craigslist for ticket purchases.
  4. Use a Credit Card:
    • Pay with a credit card for added protection against counterfeit purchases.
  5. Know When to Walk Away:
    • Don’t risk losing money to counterfeiters. If something seems suspicious, find a more reliable source for tickets or merchandise.


Finally, More than five million fake tickets for sold-out gigs and sports events are sold to unsuspecting Americans each year. It’s better to opt for legit sites such as the NFL, Ticketmaster, StubHub, or SeatGeek. if someone is rushing you to buy quickly because they say they have limited tickets, be cautious. Also, watch out for emotional appeals or tricks meant to pressure you into making a purchase.

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