Integris Health Data Breach Lawsuit: Is It A Scam? Read This

Did you receive the Integris Health Data Breach Lawsuit? It’s scam.

There’s a new class action lawsuit in Oklahoma over the Integris Health. Apparently, they didn’t keep the personal info of about 2 million patients safe. To make matters worse, some of these patients got hit up to pay $50 just to get their own information back.

Who Is Behind The Integris Health Data Breach Lawsuit

Lead Plaintiff Teresa Johnston, speaking on behalf of the class action, revealed that cybercriminals sent emails to her and fellow Integris Health patients. These emails contained sensitive personal information like addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers, as evidence of the legitimacy of the data breach claims.

How Much Is The Settlement

There’s no settlement amount for now.

Johnston is standing up for everyone else who got hit by the Integris Health data breach. She’s asking for things like compensation, punitive damages.


Johnston v. Integris Health Inc., Case No. 5:24-cv-00069-HE is not scam. Just like AMC privacy Violations Settlement, The emails were pretty alarming and had all sorts of personal stuff in them like addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and even Social Security numbers.

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