Don’t Fall for Scam Parking Tickets

Have you received a parking ticket from Professional Parking Management ( for an outlandish bill? You’re not alone! Lots of people have complained of being overcharged by the company, and also being mislead by fake promised of a reduced bill.

As a Cybersecurity Analyst, I’ve taken my time to investigate My findings indicate it operates a fraudulent parking scheme.

This article provides concrete details on the scam and guided steps on how to dispute the ticket.

Overview of Scam (Professional Parking Management) is a private company that deals with parking, ticketing and enforcement. Basically, it sends out electronic parking tickets and bills on behalf of private parking operators and property owners. Bills from them are paid on the website ‘’.

If you park on certain private lots, you might get a ticket or a bill from It’s like a heads-up saying you did something wrong or owe them some money.

Exposing The Parking Tickets Scam

The parking ticket you’ve received from is not really legit as it seems. It is a fake ticket that has a manipulated bill. Set up in December 2021, there are multiple complaints that the company engages in shady practices.

What they do is have agents hovering around their lots, then take a picture of any car on their lots. They’d claim drivers didn’t pay any parking fee, then wrongly issue an exorbitant parking ticket.

To get people to pay for the fake parking ticket, the people behind would resort to threats. Sometimes selling off the alleged debt to debt collection agencies which would call and harass the victims.

How To Dispute Tickets

If you’re certain you’ve been wrongly issued a parking ticket from, Here’s how to dispute the charge;

  • Visiting
  • Entering your notice number.
  • Clicking the link under the license plate. image to “Dispute Your Charge”.
  • Submitting the form.

This should be done within 7 days of receiving the notice. However, you should be prepared for different outcomes. A Handful of people have been successful in disputing their charges and having their tickets waived.

Steps To Take If You’ve a Parking Ticket

The first thing you should do is double-check the details – the where, when, your plate number, and what they’re saying you did wrong. Make sure everything adds up, and watch out for any obvious mistakes.

Secondly, find out what your state says about private parking tickets and how you can stand up against ones that seem off. Look into your consumer rights and get familiar with the rules that might help you dodge those sneaky citations.

If you’re sure the ticket is fishy, dispute it. Whether online or in writing, tell them you want proof that you really did what they say. Make them work for it.

If your disputes get shut down, take it up a notch. Write a formal complaint to the big bosses at Demand they look into your case and set things right.


After a thorough look at how operates, sifting through what people are saying, and noticing the lack of clear info from them, it’s time to call it – this company is raising some serious scam alerts.

We couldn’t find any proof that is playing by the rules. No signs of fair business practices, honest billing, or being reasonable when drivers want to dispute a ticket. Their strategy seems to be all about piling on loads of tickets and making it a major hassle for people to fight back. The result? A bunch of incorrect tickets that just keep on coming.

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