Is Stubhub Legit? My Experience Buying Tickets

If you’re searching for tickets and considering using the services of Stubhub, be cautious. You could get a fake ticket and be left feeling disappointed.

Online i came across lots of customer complaints and questions like is Stubhub legit? Are their tickets guaranteed? Is Stubhub safe?

I’ve checked out the reviews online and had some doubts, but I decided to give StubHub a try and see for myself. This article will give you an inside look of how the Stubhub works, we will also look at user testimonials to help you make an informed decision.

What Is Stubhub

Based on what I’ve learned, Stubhub is a legitimate platform for buying tickets. They’ve been around since for the past 20years and they offer tickets for concerts, sports events, shows, and comedians.

The secondary ticket market has partnered with viagogo, a global ticket exchange and resale company that operates in more than 90 countries worldwide.

One helpful feature is their interactive seating chart, which shows a deal score for each section of the venue. This can help you find seats that are priced close to face value.

Why people like Stubhub

  1. It’s to get better seats than what’s available at the box office or Ticketmaster.
  2. Buy tickets for an event that’s already sold out.
  3. To find tickets at a discounted price.
  4. Make profit by reselling tickets.
  5. To sell tickets for an event they can no longer attend.

Is Stubhub A Legit Or Scam

StubHub sells legit tickets and you can even buy Super Bowl tickets through StubHub as their website is safe for buying and selling tickets online. However their sellers are far from honest and competent.

I personally consider it a safe and reliable choice for buying event tickets. However i had such a terrible experience with this awful company. I recommend being aware of potential issues that come with online transactions and always exercising caution when making purchases online.

My Experience Buying Tickets From Stubhub

I recently had a disappointing experience with StubHub. I purchased two tickets to a hiphop concert for my son and his friend through StubHub. When the boys tried to enter, one ticket was valid and the other was already used.

I called StubHub to explain the situation. Two very friendly and concerned employees took my information and promised that I would get a call within 24 to 48 hours. Two weeks past and I called again. Once again the agent was very friendly and concerned, and promised that an agent would call early the next week. That call was two weeks ago.

I understand that these situations can occur. But I am disappointed that I have not received an answer.

Why Do People Feel It’s A Scam

There are some scam sites out there that closely mimic StubHub’s appearance but have slightly altered web addresses, like instead of .com. To play it safe, I always prefer using the StubHub app, especially on my phone with Face ID. The app is directly tied to Ticketmaster’s main database, making it tough for scammers to sell fake tickets there.

If you’re coming across tickets priced “too good to be true,” it’s worth double-checking the seating location. For instance, the cheapest tickets for Taylor Swift’s Tokyo shows typically start at $565 and are often way up high with obstructed views. Even in Singapore, floor seats can easily cost over a thousand dollars. Also, keep in mind that StubHub adds processing fees, which can be hefty, sometimes up to $150 per seat. So, what initially seems like a fantastic deal might not be once you factor in all the fees.

How To Buy

Here’s how to buy tickets on StubHub:

  1. Click on the event you want to attend to view available tickets.
  2. StubHub provides a venue map showing available tickets and their prices.
  3. Filter your results by price, section, or delivery method.
  4. Some tickets are available for instant download, which means you get them right away.
  5. Select your desired tickets and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.
  6. Choose how you want to receive your tickets (mail, email, or instant download) and proceed to payment.

How To Sell Tickets On StubHub

  1. Sign In or Create an Account: First, you need to sign in or make an account on StubHub.
  2. List Your Tickets: Once logged in, go to “My Tickets” “Orders” and select “Sell your ticket.”
  3. Search for Your Event: Type in the name of the event you have tickets for.
  4. Enter Ticket Details: Provide necessary details like barcodes and ticket features.
  5. Set the Price: Decide how much you want to sell your tickets for.
  6. Choose Payment Method: Select how you want to get paid (PayPal, bank deposit, etc.).
  7. Review and Publish: Double-check your listing and make sure everything’s correct before publishing.
  8. Wait for Delivery Instructions: StubHub will notify you about delivering tickets to the buyer.
  9. Get Paid: Once the event is over, you’ll receive payment within 5-8 business days.

Customer Reviews Of Stubhub

Customer complaints on a review website called customer affairs are mostly negative. Lots of customers on Reddit and Trustpilot have shared their experiences while buying concert tickets from this website. However there are also positive reviews of customers who enjoyed the services provided. Some of the reviews include:

Bought tickets for a top La Liga side for my Son and I. Great to have a reputable site to purchase tickets for big sporting events. Using the site, getting the tickets and communication was brilliant – Highly recommended.

I purchased tickets for an event, then changed plans. I placed the tickets on StubHub for sale. They didn’t sell up to 3 days before the event so I donated the tickets. Then StubHub sold them. I canceled the sale immediately, but the buyers were not informed and went to the event. StubHub kept the money the purchaser paid and then fined me the cost of the ticket sale! I spoke with their customer service, but no deal. Then they just charged my account without my consent! Crooks!

Bought tickets to Aston Villa v Man Utd in the premier league. The tickets had been released by Aston Villa to the seller, but 1 day before the game I still hadn’t received my tickets. I contacted customer support. They were back to me within a couple of hours and said they had contacted the seller about sending me the tickets. The tickets arrived in my account about an hour later. 

What You Must Know Before Buying Tickets From Stubhub

1.Refund Process: If a seller backs out, StubHub offers refunds, but getting one can be a pain, and they won’t cover any travel or hotel costs.

2. Unfair Business Practices: StubHub has unfair ticketing fees and an unresponsive customer service.

3. Refund Issues: StubHub gets heat for being stingy with refunds, even when tickets turn out fake or don’t arrive.

Can I Return my Stubhub Tickets?

Refunds are only issued if the show is canceled, so if you go through a secondhand seller, you won’t be able to get a refund for said ticket, but the person that sold it will. I tend to steer clear of resales, just because it makes things difficult should problems arise. If you have any problem reach out to their customer service via 1.866.788.2482.

Does Stubbub Charge Any Fee

Yes, when you sell tickets on StubHub, it’s free to list them. However, when your tickets sell, StubHub takes a small seller’s fee. As of 2023, this fee is around 15%, but it could change in the future.

Tips To Buy Tickets Online

Before buying tickets, it’s smart to compare prices across different platforms, including StubHub, and consider different dates or locations for the event to find the best deal.

Look for tickets with the “Instant Download” option for quicker access, and if you have any issues with your tickets, don’t hesitate to contact StubHub customer service for help. They may offer compensation or replacement tickets if needed.

StubHub Vs TicketMaster: Which Is A Better Ticketing Website

StubHub tends to have cheaper tickets compared to TicketMaster because it operates differently. TicketMaster works directly with event organizers to sell tickets at fixed prices set by the organizers. This means prices on TicketMaster are usually face value unless there are promotions or discounts available.

On the other hand, StubHub is more of a fan-to-fan marketplace, allowing sellers to set their own prices, potentially marking them up for profit. This can result in lower-priced tickets compared to TicketMaster, especially if sellers are motivated to sell quickly.


StubHub is a well-known ticket-selling website where you can find tickets for lots of different events. They have good customer service and make sure your transactions are safe. But sometimes, the prices might be higher than what you’d pay at the venue. Plus, since you’re buying from other people, there’s a bit of a risk involved. So, it’s smart to check reviews and stick with sellers who have good ratings to stay safe.

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