Alpha Jaw Review: Does This Jaw Trainer Work?

Alpha Jaw is becoming popular as a silicone device that can make your jawline more defined. It’s totally normal to want a sharp jawline and nicely shaped chin and cheeks but is this product a gimmick?

Besides makeup tricks and facial massages, is there a permanent way to dramatically change your face without surgery?
This review will reveal everything you need to know about this jaw strengthener; its pros, cons, before & after results, and what experts have to say.

Alpha Jaw: A Closer Look

Alpha Jaw is a device that is supposed to help enhance your jawline and improve your overall appearance. The manufacturer(s) claim it gives a more defined jawline, and youthful look. Interestingly, there’s no scientific report to back up these claims.

The silicon is said to have facial sculpting technology, and is made from plastic FREE food-grade silicon. It also boasts of a 30 days risk free guarantee. It’s currently sold on and for $24.95 per piece.

Before & After Result of this Jaw Trainer

I came across the Alpha Jaw device on Tiktok in which Andrew Hubberman some influencer was endorsing the device stating it can positively affect your face shape and increase jaw muscle strength and size.

I’ve seen these over the years, but have heard they’re not effective but i went ahead to buy it on


After using it for 2weeks, I noticed a few things. First off, you hardly need any bite strength to use it. It’s like it’s designed for toddlers. But the real issue I have is how it sits in your mouth. It caused a sharp pain in the back of my neck, which I initially thought was from bad posture or lifting, but I’ve never had issues with those before.

There’s a big difference between working out your face and neck muscles and putting unnecessary strain on your neck. One wrong move, and you could seriously hurt yourself. If you have bite strength issues, maybe the lower levels of this equipment could help, but it’s best to talk to a doctor first. Plus, it’s way too expensive for the quality. I even bit down a few times, and my teeth punched right through it.

Does Alpha Jaw Work?

Alpha Jaw does not really work as claimed. There’s no magic trick or device that can target just your jaw. Like any other part of your body, getting a defined jawline requires losing overall body fat through diet and exercise. If you want a chiseled jawline, you need to exercise regularly and eat healthily. So, if you’re serious about it, focus on getting fit and eating right, or consider cosmetic surgery if you want a quicker fix.

Experts Share Their Takes on this Facial Trainer

Samantha Rawdin, who’s an expert in cosmetic dental work, says that jaw trainers like Alpha Jaw might make your jaw muscles stronger, but it won’t necessarily make your face slimmer. So, while using these devices can give your jaw a workout, there’s no solid proof that it will make your face look thinner.


  1. There are a handful of positive reviews online.
  2. Easy to use at home.
  3. Comes in different levels for different fitness levels.

Alpha Jaw Cons: What I Don’t Like About This Jaw Strengthener

  1. No real proof that it works.
  2. caused slight jaw and neck pain.
  3. Not made from quality material, it might break easily.
  4. Could damage your teeth if you’re not careful.

How To Use

  1. Wash your teeth first
  2. Put the device on your front teeth and bite to hold firm.
  3. Set the level from resistance level from Starter (Blue) – 30 lb, Intermediate (Purple) – 40 lb, Advanced (Black) – 50 lb.
  4. Continue for the next 5mins

Associated Risks

If you plan on using Alpha Jaw, it can cause jaw problems like headaches and jaw clicking. Even if it makes your jaw muscles stronger, it might not give you the look you want.

Should You buy this Jawline Exerciser?

Whereas there are perfect 4.9 stars by over 13,000+ customers on their official website with glowing before and after pictures, they are not from real users.

For example, reverse image search showed the review image of the alleged verified buyer ‘Alex S’ was gotten from

It’s also the same with the other reviews. Which proves the before and after pictures are fake. Buying and wearing Alpha Jaw wouldn’t give you the desired result. As a result of this we don’t recommend it.

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