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Kickscrew is a legit online website that sells sneakers from different brands. They offer over 400,000 styles of sneakers and other pieces of streetwear clothing.

Online, customers are curious whether the Kickscrew is legit or a scam clothing store. Are you considering buying the next set of sneakers from this website?

This article will uncover if Kickscrew is a scam or not, what to expect when you buy and most importantly, tips to protect yourself from being ripped off by online clothing websites and others like it.

Overview Of Kickscrew Clothing Store

Kickscrew is a website where you can buy sneakers and clothes from famous brands like Nike, Air Jordan, New Balance, and Adidas. The brand owned by Johnny Mak. Just keep in mind that lots of their products come from Hong Kong, shipping might take a bit longer than you’re used to and this issue have raised suspicions online.

Is Kickscrew Legit Or Scam Online Store

Yes, Kickscrew is a legit online store that has been around since 2008, and there are lots of mixed reviews concerning this online store. However, Some customers complained they didn’t get their orders, and when they asked for help from customer service, it wasn’t great. Some wanted their money back but didn’t get it, or only got some of it back. It sounds like there were problems with how they dealt with these issues.

Real Customer Reviews of Kickscrew

There are lots of mixed customer reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot concerning this online store. Currenttly Kickscrew is rated 4.7 from 14,511 reviews. Here are some of the reviews we discovered online

They are extortionists. Charged me $62 for shipping then another $58 upon delivery for duty. If I wanted to return shoes they would have charged me another $62, duty and a 15% restocking fee. I felt like I was mugged and kick screwed.

Just bought a pair of heritage 1s on kickscrew and it was completely by accident lmao so i just went with it I like the shoes and was looking at them on the website and i hit apple pay and my finger was on the home button and I realised what it was doing and payment went through. I instantly tried getting a refund I did that. Got my email a few minutes ago and they charge a 15% refund thing. Like bruh the shoes cost $270AUD and if thats real ill get only $220 back which is a joke. Yes im from Australia this company sounds so dodgy im actually pissed.

I ordered shoes from Kicks Krew and never received them. A few days after the order you will receive an email stating that the item has shipped – and that will be the last thing you will EVER hear from them. NO REFUND, NO SHOES, NO CONTACT.

Do They Offer Refunds

If you want to return something or swap it for another item from Kickscrew, you’ve got 7 days from when you got it to do so. Just make sure the thing you’re sending back, its box, and the Kickscrew tag are all still in good shape. Then, reach out to their support team to ask for a refund. They’ll check out your request and decide if they’ll give you your money back after looking into it. If they agree, you’ll get your money back.

Downsides of Shopping at Kickscrew

1. Lengthy Shipping Times:
Waiting for your order can take longer than usual, typically 2 to 3 weeks, due to the shipments are coming from China.

2. High Shipping Costs:
The shipping charges range from $20 to $50, adding to the overall expense of your purchase.

3. Complex Refund and Exchange Process:
Getting a refund or exchanging items can be really tough. You’ll have to pay for shipping again if you want to exchange something, which can be a hassle.

4. Transaction Cut and Return Shipping Fees:
Kickscrew deducts 15% of the transaction amount and expects buyers to cover return shipping costs when requesting refunds or exchanges.

How Do I Reach Out To Customer Service

You can easily get in touch with KicksCrew’s customer service team whenever you need to. Just give them a call at (+8)5228111120, or write them an email at [email protected].

Tips for Safe Online Sneaker Shopping

  1. Look at Reviews: Check what other people say about KicksCrew or any other online store. See if customers are happy or have had problems.
  2. Make Sure It’s Real: If you can, compare the shoes you want with pictures from the real brand or official sellers. This helps spot fake websites.
  3. Talk to Customer Service: If you’re not sure about something, ask KicksCrew’s customer service. A good store will answer your questions.
  4. Pay Safely: Use secure ways to pay, like credit cards or PayPal. They protect you if there’s a problem with your order.
  5. Know the Return Rules: Check the website to see what happens if you need to return your shoes. Make sure you know what to do if you’re not happy with what you get.
  6. Trust Your Feelings: If something seems too cheap, it might not be real. Be careful with super cheap deals—they could be fake. Listen to your gut and be cautious.


Kickscrew sells real sneakers from lots of brands at good prices. But sometimes shipping takes a while, and refunds can be tricky. Still, many people like shopping there, so it’s worth checking out if you’re into sneakers. Just be careful and do your homework before buying.

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