Southwest Air Fans Facebook Scam 2022: Fake Free Tickets Giveaway!

Beware of bogus Southwest Air Fans page on Facebook that claim Southwest Airlines is giving away 2 round-trip tickets for their 69th anniversary. Don’t fall for it! It is all a scam!

Southwest Airlines was founded in 1967, so it’s just 55 years old, and not 69. Moreover they have released a statement on Facebook warning the public of the ongoing scam.

Centre Parcs Facebook Scam

Southwest Air Fans Facebook Scam -How does It Work?

The scammer wants to make the Facebook page popular, this is why they tell you to comment and share the giveaway post. Due to the way Facebook algorithm works, the more comments and share a post gets, the more chances it has of appearing on lots of people’s Facebook timeline.

This is how it looks like –

The scam post claims ‘We’ve decided to celebrate our 69th anniversary by giving 2 round-trip tickets to everyone who types (Done) by 5pm Sunday.

However, when you comment ‘Done’, you’ll be told that your voucher is almost processed, and you still need to complete the validation process first. You’ll be made to click the blue Sign Up button located at the top of the page. But the validation is not real. You’ll be redirected to an unsecured website ‘’.

Don’t be deceived! There’s no free flight tickets to be won.

As you can see from this article, it’s a recurrent scam that tricks thousands of people yearly.

How To Spot Counterfeit Pages & Fake Giveaways on Facebook

Follow these steps to help protect yourself from social media scams:

  • Is the deal ‘too good to be true’? If the deal or competition is too good to be true, it probably is. A quick Google search will tell you if the legitimate company is promoting the giveaway.
  • When was the page created? You can find out by checking the ‘About’ info of the page. If it falls below six month, it’s clearly a fake page.
  • Check the branding – Often times, there’s a typographical error.


Southwest Air Fans scam is a viral scam on Facebook that attempts to trick people into believing Southwest Airlines is giving away 2 round-trip tickets to everyone who comments Done. Don’t be deceived! Southwest Airlines isn’t celebrating its 69th anniversary. The free air tickets is not real!

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