Sonoshine – Is this Teeth Cleaner a Scam? Dentist Review (May 2022)

Are you suffering from teeth plague, calculus or tartar? Do you want to buy Sonoshine cleaner from ? Read this review to find out the pros and cons of this teeth cleaner.

Does Sonoshine really work? Is there any side effects of using it or is it totally safe? Do dentists/ Orthodontist approve of this ultrasonic tooth cleaner?

This Review answers your questions. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Sonoshine Teeth Cleaner – Is It Worth Your Money?

Sonoshine is an ultrasonic tooth cleaner that is used to offer dentist-level cleaning features. It is said to be helpful to people who are suffering from plaque, tartar and calculus. It allegedly works best when combined with daily brushing, thereby reducing  dental buildups.

The product has the following features –

  • Has up to 12,000 vibrations per minute
  • Utilizes medical grade alloy steel and food-grade silicone
  • Five available settings for your teeth cleaning according to your necessities

Are There Any Complaints About Sonoshine?

The answer to that question is Yes. Though SonoShine appears to be a legitimate brand, it has some red flags. Below are the cons –

Damages Teeth and Gums

Ultrasonic tooth cleaner like Sonoshine can damage the gums. According to dentists, the sharp metal tip will traumatize the gum if used incorrectly. High vibration rate will also irritate the gum disease and cause damage, especially because there is no water flow.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen. It can damage existing dental work. This includes white composite fillings and metal fillings. They could also scratch crowns and veneers too. Scratching these surfaces will make them more prone to staining and plaque buildup.

Does Not Clean The Teeth Effectively

I know we’re all trying to save money but the truth of the matter is that you cannot clean your teeth effectively at home using Sonoshine. When it goes in the mouth, it picks up the bacteria that are on your teeth and under your gums. Cleaning products you have at home will not full clean the surfaces of the scaling tips. It’s better and safer you visit a dentist.

Might Cause Infection

Instruments like Sonoshine that are bought in a shop and used at home are not sterile. You could, unknowingly, bring harmful bacteria into your mouth and underneath your gums which could cause an infection.

Bogus Claims

On, there are reviews from users who claim they were able to remove tartar and calculus buildup with Sonoshine. However, a close look at the reviews show they’re all five star ratings. This is not possible for any product. Even the best product on earth has at least four or three star ratings. Could these reviews be fake? Likely so! We’ve seen such with similar hair products like SaniWhite, Myst and even Sleepobrace.

We’re not surprised.

Real Sonoshine Reviews;

Customers who purchased Sonoshine tooth cleaner have left reviews on Trustpilot showing their displeasure. One of the customers, Claire, alleged that she was sent a faulty item. When she asked for a refund, she was given only 65% of purchase amount.

Meanwhile, another customer, Katharine, has this to say –

Scam product, beware, no customers service at all. Sonoshine teeth de-scaler did not work at all, made in China, total scam do not buy.



At home ultrasonic tooth cleaner like Sonoshine do not really work. You cannot remove tartar or plague or calculus without going to the dentist.

The calculus bond to the tooth surface is very strong. It cannot be removed by toothbrushing or interdental cleaning. When tatar forms on the tooth it is possible to break within the tartar layer so that small bits of tartar come away. However the bond to the tooth layer is much stronger. This bond is impossible to break without using specialist techniques.

Professional ultrasonic scalers are used by dentists and dental hygienists. They remove tartar and staining from above and below the gum line. They can be powered via the dental chair or as a separate unit.

These at home scalers like Sonoshine do not move as fast as professional scaling tips. It also do not have a water supply. All professional scalers have a water supply. The purpose of this is to help cool down the metal tip. The water flow also helps the cleaning mechanism underneath the gum level.

Have you used Sonoshine? Did it really work for you? Please share your experiences in the comment section.


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  1. Rubbish product. . Do not buy unless you are made of money. I need to return dont have an address.

  2. Popup ad is disgusting and initiates a gag reflex. Please remove it from the internet.
    Got an AD blocker today but this ugly ad has sneaked past it every time. The size of the ad is same as a Post-it note so I keep one handy near the computer to cover it.

    1. What are you talking about, what does it have to do with the purpose of these comments re the tooth product?

  3. I ordered Sonoshine on the 8 March I paid $157.00 and have not received anything yet. Then I was sent a text saying my parcel is on its way and had to pay an extra $2.00 for delivery after paying $16.99 for fast delivery. It’s 3 weeks later and still nothing. Yes I feel it’s a scam and I want my money back.

    1. Hi there I have actually received my sonoshine so thank you although it took about a month to come I am grateful for it.

  4. I too was impressed with their ads. However, as soon as I saw that it was made in China, I returned it the very next day. I also purchased an Iphone case for $16.95 from this company, which I kept. Upon requesting a refund for my purchase price of $57.68 for the tooth cleaner, they refunded the wrong amount & the wrong credit card. I feel this was intentional and I am trying to get them to correct this error. So far, no luck. Buyers beware, these people cannot be trusted.

  5. I purchased SONOSHINE on 9th April and only received it 6th May after emailing if it had been shipped out yet … The attached document (with support contacts blah blah which had Idaho and 3rd party return) = looked like it was a photocopy poorly cut into A5 was thrown in the package underneath the product like a rubbish all
    crumpled up. Even the product didn’t have the Sonoshine name on it = RED FLAG WHOLE WAY THROUGH = SCAM PRODUCT DONT BUY!!!

    1. Hoy 7 de Julio/22 recibi mi orden despues de 15 días pero estos son una estafa; no tienen ni siquiera nombre comercial, solo dice que es un removedor de calculos y placa; la verdad es que ni para eso puede servir porque la cabeza limpiadora no se ajusta a la barra sostenedora. Que Golazo!

        REMOVER? Hasta la caja muestra la basura y falsedad del producto chino

  6. Hello,

    I don’t need this item.
    I love going to the dentist.They me a nice cup of coffee in the waiting room every time!
    and I love to read the magazines while I wait. And the girls are pretty
    I ain’t buying this crap item, ok
    .don’t be talkin me into it, cause im not!
    I also leave with a box of free floss,and toothpaste, you gotta be kidding me about this thing.
    If you don’t like my comments, too bad!

  7. I’m not sure if this is a scam or not, but I wanted to share my experience with it just in case anyone is interested. I bought the Sonoshine teeth cleaner and used it on my teeth. The directions say to use

  8. Complete scam, do not buy this product! I got one and it’s useless, will not remove any plaque and trying to use this in a bathroom mirror, well, good luck with that. The lack of a water stream will damage your teeth and gums, just the vibration for this thing is extremely uncomfortable. Cheaply made, I’m sure they get these for under $5, garbage product that does not work as advertised. I sent mine back immediately, but after seeing other comments, I’m sceptical I will receive a full refund as they say.

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