I Bought SleepObrace: Here is My Review of This Teeth Aligner

Thinking of ordering Sleepobrace from sleepobrace.com? Do not do so before reading this review.

Does SleepObrace really work? Is there any side effects of using it or is it totally safe? Do dentists/ Orthodontist approve of this orthotropic braces?

Our Review answers your questions. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

SleepObrace Teeth Aligner – Is It Worth Your Money?

Like Myobrace, SleepObrace is an orthotropic brace that aligns your teeth. It does this by putting even pressure throughout the whole jaw, resulting in better facial shape, defined cheekbones, jawline, closed gaps and aligned teeth.

Unlike Myobrace which was made specifically for kids, Sleepobrace targets the Adult market. This is why it has three design features – D1, D2, and D3.

According to the London School of Facial Orthotropics, there are three phases of this treatment:

  • The preparation phase, where the arch is widened and lengthened to make more room for the tongue.
  • The training phase, where the patient wears appliances to change the position of the jawbone.
  • The active retention phase, where the patient wears an appliance nightly to retain the position.

How Long Should You Use SleepObrace?

The Company has provided the following Usage instruction ;

• D1 is soft, the first stage, use 1 – 3months.
• On the other hand, D2 is moderate. The second stage, use 6 – 8 months.
• D3 is hard, the third stage, use 5 – 8 months.

Typically, orthotropic treatment will take approximately 36 months to complete in total. However, it is advisable to consult with your Dentist before using it. As there could be complications that may occur with personal case.

Should You Be Worried About SleepObrace?

The answer to that question is Yes. Though Sleepobrace appear to be a legitimate brand, it has some red flags.

Below are the cons –

One Size Fits All

Just as there are different human beings so are there different orthodontic problems, each patient’s case is unique. Treatment should reflect this via a custom-made plan. In this case, what works for A might not work for B.

Wrong Technique

The brand claim to improve jaw and overall facial structure using a technique known as “mewing”. How does this technique work? you might ask.

Simply by keeping the tongue resting at the roof of the mouth. This can result in subtle changes in the jaw’s appearance for some individuals if done regularly . However, this is not seen as one of the benefits of simple teeth aligners

SleepObrace Before and After

The before and after picture on the website are not original images. There are tons of articles online using that exact image. Though this is not a crime, it is worrying that the product was not put to test before being sold to the public.

Below is an image submitted by a user after using SleepObrace for two months –

SleepObrace Before and After Image


Customer reviews online don’t speak well of this brand. Apart from delayed shipping, the customer service sucks. Messages sent to the Facebook page are not replied, neither are mails replied on time.

Does SleepObrace Actually Work?

Based on five SleepOBrace reviews found on the official Facebook page, several customers do appear to have positive first impressions of SleepOBrace. These customers mention being satisfied with the product when they have first received it.

Have you used SleepObrace? Did it really work for you? Please share your experiences in the comment section.


  1. Received mine yesterday, shipping was free and arrived in about 15 working days. Of course I cannot say now if it’s working or not, but the quality of the product seems good, when you try to the first time it’s very uncomfortable and I cannot imagine sleep with that. After a while it is a little better and it feels like is working, although your front teeth has some pain.

    1. Hi..I bought mine on the 4th October 2021.. sleepobrace customer care doesn’t even reply my emails.. will I receive my order?? I have a doubt that this is a fraud site..pls help

      1. I thought it was a scam too because it took so long for me to receive the package. I just started wearing it and it feels uncomfortable, I hope the pain will go away after a few uses like it says on the leaflet.

  2. I got mine a few days ago. I can definitely feel the pressure, however the top part made some cuts on my gums.. Upside down is much more comfortable but not sure if I should be using it that way or not..

  3. I received mine a few months back. Shipment took much longer than I anticipated. I couldn’t use them rightaway as I was pregnant with a difficult gag reflex that left me gagging as tried to put them on at night.

    I tried them again a week ago. Sleeping with them is inconvenient at it’s best. I drool more and have to sleep on my back otherwise there’ll be saliva all over the pillow.

    Let me get to the most important part. If your teeth are slightly crooked like mine were, these work wonders. I saw improvements from day 2. By day 5, my teeth were nearly straight. It also helps to do mewing exercises during the day.

    For really crooked teeth, there will be more pain and i can’t vouch for the effectiveness. Better try traditional braces.

  4. I’m using the sleep o brace, and for me, my teeth below are straight, so I only have a problem on my upper teeth… when I apply the product, the pressure is more on my below teeth, and not upper ones (where the problem is). So when I woke up this morning, my teeth below shifted ! Which obviously wasn’t supposed to happen (there was a little gap) in between my teeth, i dont know if this is supposed to be part of the process, but I stopped using the product, because it shifts teeth, teeth that’s not supposed to be shifted.

    1. You need to read how it works and it’s process. You’re an idiot. READ then you’ll understand why your other teeth shifted.

    2. Idiot…ALL teeth have to be shifted. Think about it…if you only move one set… and not the others, your “bite alignment” will be off. Did you do any self education before using this product?!

    1. I’m using it for overbite, crowding, and overjet, and I’m noticing a big difference in the position of my jaw, it’s way more aligned and forward (for context, I was told years and years ago by an ortho that I would need to have my jaw broken and repositioned, I was like Uh how bout no!)
      I’m hoping that the phase 2 and 3 will help with the overjet (teeth tilted forward) which prevents me from fully closing my jaw in its natural aligned position (but it’s soooo much better than it was!)

      1. I have under bite (class 3). I just ordered D1. I will update you guys. I had braces as a pre-teen so my teeth are relatively straight. I didn’t wear my retainer so they are not perfectly straight anymore. Also my jaw was never corrected, in fact my ortho messed it up more so my jaw and teeth alignment isn’t good and it makes my profile look distorted and i have tmj pain. I was also told i needed my jaw broken and re-set. I am holding on to that as a last, last LAST resort so im hoping this works. Im 37 now.

  5. I have mine since 9.2021. I can not take them more than 1 hour without pause. Too much pressure on gums and not teeths.

  6. It’s been working for me so far, I’m on the D2 now. I don’t know what to compare to but it has definitely significantly reduced my overbite, widend my upper pallet; so I can breathe through my noise easier, and has so far given me a more filled out smile. Quite possibly has defined my cheek bones. Give me a year when I’m half way through D3 might add a new review on updates. I won’t recommend for everyone but, my teeth were mostly straight but my jaw was sunken so it was perfect as a upper and lower jaw expander, however doesn’t fair well at individually aligning teeth.

    1. I have an overbite. D1 is uncomfortable and painful for my teeth and especially gums. I managed to sleep with it last night, but woke up with the gums all messed up – swollen on the bottom jaw and bloody and damaged on the upper. Has anyone experienced this? Maybe it’s because of my pre existing gingivitis? Can’t afford to see a doctor at the moment, any advice would be appreciated

  7. It’s west of mony I use 25 days no result only pain uper and lower teeth and gum problem don’t buy and don’t use

  8. Phase 1 was fine but no change at all in my teeth.
    I started phase 2 a few days ago and one morning I woke up with an unbearable pain in one of the ligaments of my jaw. It was such a strong pain that my whole head hurt
    I stopped using for a few nights and since I feeling better I used then again, and woke up again with that awful pain.
    I won’t go to a dentist or doctor cause of course they will tell me how foolish it is to buy these kind of things. It is. I don’t think I’ll be able to use them again, there’s clearly something wrong, they are not good for me and I’m afraid they will do more damage than good

  9. I haven’t bought my own pair of the SleepObraces, However as someone who has worn braces before, I think pain is normal, braces are equally painful as your teeth are being moved. So either way pain should be there. I would be more worried if there wasnt any

    1. Go to your email and type in Sleepobrace and your order number should show and then you just click on it, hope this helps

  10. I used sleepbraces for 7 days but the results are awful that I felt too much pain on my gums and teeth even I doesn’t make myself able to eat anything so uncomfortable situation I face in those days…. I hope my experience help you in using sleepbraces personally, I thought, I have done a foolish thing in buying this product without a proper doctor recommendation first go to your doctor then use anything which you want to according to their instructions.

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