SaniWhite Review: 5 Reasons Why this Toothbrush Sucks!

SaniWhite toothbrush advertisement on YouTube and Facebook is misleading. If you’re thinking of ordering the mouthpiece toothbrush, please don’t do so yet. A lot of things don’t add up about the product.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

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SaniWhite Toothbrush – How Does It Work?

SaniWhite or Sani White is an electronic U shape toothbrush that allegedly automatically cleans your teeth for you in just 10 seconds. This toothbrush falls under the category of mouthpiece toothbrushes, which are becoming the rave of the internet.

However, aside the glowing Advertisement and promotional articles online, there is more to what meets the eyes.

Things to Consider Before Buying SaniWhite Mouthpiece Toothbrush

Deceptive Advertising

The advertisement claims an American hero made but this claim isn’t backed with any evidence. In fact, on there’s no mention of who the creators are. We’ve seen this work many times. Most fake products are sold with catchy ad. It is just a script to hook buyers.

Doesn’t effectively clean the teeth

Sani White has just one design. How can it accommodate  all the different sized mouths with just 1 silicone mouthpiece? There ought to be various sizes. One of the problems of this kind of toothbrush is that they don’t reach the gum line. The gum line is the most important area to brush.

Lacks Originality

The claim that it is the first automatic toothbrush is totally false. The product is similar to Myst Toothbrush, a mouthpiece toothbrush that was debunked sometime ago.

No Credibility was registered on September 2021, the business has been functioning for barely a month. This means the company has no reputation to speak of. Meanwhile, it

Sold by Unapproved Center

Sani White is sold through informercials, you can’t find it in your local dentist’s office or pharmacy even. What happens when you run out of bristles? Funny enough on the site’s check out page, none of the packages offers replacement mouthpieces.

Is SaniWhite Mouthpiece Toothbrush effective?

No, it is not. Automatic/mouthpiece toothbrushes like SaniWhite don’t clean the teeth effectively. Verified dentists have clearly stated that the health of your teeth and gums is AT RISK if you use this product in place of a regular toothbrush.

meanwhile, the reviews on have all been doctored. A close look at the images showed it was that of another similar product ‘360 Ultrasonic Toothbrush’ which has already been debunked by verified dentists.

This further proves that this is not a spectacular product. If they’re using the images and reviews that are not theirs, what does it tell you? Likely a dropshipper that has invested a lot in Social media advertisement.

Is The SaniWhite Toothbrush a Hoax?

It seems so. Dentists have debunked this automatic toothbrush because it is not as promising as the promotional videos suggest. You could be putting your oral health at risk if you buy and use this product.

Still tempted? read the Saniwhite comments below

Did you buy this mouthpiece style toothbrush? Does it meet your expectations? Did it stop working after a while?

Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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  1. This was a campaign through Kickstarter that I unfortunately bought into. After waiting over a year, I got this exact product and no, after eating something that had basil or other greens in it, after running it for a full cycle it was all still on my teeth. Also the 10 seconds is a lie, it actually is a 40 second cycle, even though it was also marketed as 10 second brushing. I believe it was a Korean company who created the campaign, and I could never get my money back. Don’t fall for this scam.

  2. I don’t understand how YouTube allows such advertisement, especially where they make up a story about a veteran inventing a product. Another example is the ridiculous flashlight that burns through stuff.
    Besides, modern electric toothbrushes from trusted brands are extremely effective if used properly and take literally 2 minutes to use.

  3. OK – – I got fooled.
    The eMail Ad looked intriguing – so I purchased 2 as Christmas things for my wife and I. A week or so after Christmas, I used the device – and found it totally useless compared to my Philips Sonicare. The brush assembly does not make simultaneous contact with both the front and rear surfaces of your teeth, meaning you have to jiggle it back and forth. The vibrations meant to remove debris from the teeth are pittifully weak compared to even brushing by hand. The brushes themselves are way too floppy to be effective. And – although the ad says no toothpaste required, if you augment with toothpaste, you’ll spend 2 minutes cleaning out the residual paste after brushing. I’ve sent 2 inquiries to the SaniWhite customer service mailbox about return/refund – which has been dead silent. I’ve since done what I should have done in the first place – looked for reviews of this thing (all poor !). I found several other listings for devices which appear identical, but listed under different names – sure evidence IMHO of a scam. I’ve recommended to Amazon that they Remove this item from their offerings. Never again will I order anything except from Amazon – with their ironclad ‘customer unsatisfied’ return policy. Posted as a warning to all: DO NOT GET FOOLED

  4. I agree with the other comments that the Saniwhite mouthpiece does not work to clean the teeth. It vibrates and emits a too bright blue light for my taste! Especially before bed or in the early AM I don’t want such a bright light shining in my eyes.
    The vibration is ok but ineffective.
    The bristles don’t reach the top of the teeth where it meets the gums, and the bristles don’t vibrate enough to clean the teeth or to get the toothpaste to spread or foam.
    I have always been brushing afterwards with my electric tooth brush.
    I think the idea is a good one, but unfortunately not worked through.
    So, all in all a waste of money and resourses, sorry to say.

  5. I also felt this was a scam. I emailed and texted telling them I needed to return the product and they ignored me for weeks. Then when I finally got through by calling them they refused to send a refund because 30 days had passed. Complete scam! Please, learn from my lesson and stay away.

  6. I bought this product and returned it. A month later I didn’t have my refund. Called them and because I’d opened a Paypal complaint they said they couldn’t return it. I called Paypal and they told me that they were trying to get me to close the case so I would have no recourse. BEWARE!!! PS The product stinks!!!

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