Beware Of Smart Electric Saver: The Electricity Bill Saver That Sounds Too Good To Be True

If you’re seeking to cut down on your electricity expenses, you might have come across the Smart Electric Saver. This device promises to lower your electricity bill by plugging it into an outlet. However it’s just a capacitor in a box, with some unnecessary components that can never save power as it claims. I have come across many advertisements for power saver, but all are fake.

Is this electric saver legit? Can it truly save your electricity bills and cut down energy costs?

In this review, we’ll evaluate Smart Electric Saver provide you with our candid assessment of how it works and whether it lives up its promises or not.

Does Smart Electric Saver Really Work

The Smart Electric Saver like Power Saver Plus, Ultron Power Saver and other power saving devices does not really work to save energy bills and regulate the flow electricity. Here’s what smart electric saver claim to do:

it’s supposed to make your electricity use more efficient by fixing something called phase shift, which happens with stuff like motors and transformers in your home. But the truth is, for most people, this phase shift doesn’t really affect your electricity bill that much. And this device is too basic to accurately fix the problem anyway. So, in simple terms, it’s a scam.

The only ways to reduce energy consumption is to use approved reduced power items. These include led lights, energy efficient appliances. 

My Experience Installing This Energy Saver In My Home

My coworker told me these devices slashed their bill by $70 a month, so I bought three. When I opened up the Smart Electric saver (which seems similar to the Esaver Watt ), all I found inside was a small capacitor and some LED lights—no fancy tech at all. After installing, less than an hour of use, one of them started melting and caught on fire! Luckily, we were home and could deal with it.

Even after using them for four months, my electric bill hasn’t changed. It’s actually going up! This product is a complete waste of money and a huge ripoff. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

How To Install

Super easy to use and install. You just plug it in to an outlet. Check if the green light is on and stabilize it.

Why Smart Electric Saver Won’t Save Your Money: Experts Share Their Take On Energy Savers

These devices claim to fix something called “dirty electricity,” However, during my research, i reached out to an electrical engineer and other experts in the field who gave their candid opinion about this product as:

I’m an electrical engineer and I can tell you point blank that not only do they NOT WORK, they can be dangerous. These things are made shoddily and could easily start a fire 

No, they are a total scam. Essentially they have a capacitor. They are supposed to correct the power factor but they do not do it and even if they did they’d not save anything as consumers are charged only for the real power.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

Lots of customers who bought this product have made complaints on popular websites like Amazon, Some them include:

I have not seen any difference in my electricity, as of yet. So, I can not give a rating on this product. I am in to my second billing cycle on my electricity, I have NOT seen any difference in my electric bill as of yet.

Will let you know, when my second billing cycle come in. If their any difference. In my Electrical usage .

Place the devices into separate circuits and within a weak it destroyed my washer, my dryer, my oven range, my microwave and my tv. The power supplies in each were destroyed, fried, melted. 

Major Drawbacks

The ads for this product try hard to seem trustworthy, even using the names of well-known business and electronics magazines. But it’s all a trick to make you think they have some official endorsement, when really, they don’t.

This device is just a generic mass-produced item from China. You can find similar products on Alibaba, a major wholesale website, for a fraction of the cost. Smart Electric Saver is basically just buying these, putting their logo on them, and selling them with aggressive sales tactics.

This isn’t even a new scam. I’ve seen the same kind of thing before with the Pro Power Saver. It had the same ads and sold the same product. So don’t be fooled by these tactics.

Why Energy Saver Devices Are A Scam

  1. Common Sense Logic: Plugging a device into an outlet won’t magically reduce your electricity usage. It would either have to make your appliances run slower or shine less brightly, which defeats the purpose.
  2. Lack of Scientific Basis: Many of these devices are created by people without scientific training. It’s like suggesting we fight disease by injecting disinfectant—there’s no scientific backing.
  3. Corporate Acquisition: If these devices actually worked, major corporations would quickly acquire the patents and include them in their appliances. Yet, we don’t see that happening.
  4. Electrician Adoption: If these devices were effective, every electrician would offer them, and they would be built into every home. But that’s not the case.
  5. Lack of Endorsement: Federal programs like EnergyStar don’t recommend these devices. Additionally, university, government, research, and professional websites warn against them, providing detailed explanations of why they don’t work.

How To Save Electricity Bills

1. Unplug Chargers: Remember to unplug charging adapters when you’re not using them. Even if nothing’s plugged in, they still use a bit of electricity.

2. Disconnect Fully Charged Devices: Once your phone is fully charged, unplug it from the charger. Otherwise, it keeps using power, even if it doesn’t need to.

3. Turn Off Air Conditioner Completely: When you’re done using the air conditioner, turn off the main switch too. Leaving it on can still use electricity.

4. Share Rooms: Try to have everyone do their tasks in the same room. That way, you only need to use lights in one room at a time.

5. Fix Ceiling Fan Problems: If your ceiling fan seems to be acting up, like running slower than usual, get it fixed right away. Otherwise, it might end up using more electricity.

Final Thoughts

Smart Electric Saver is a scam and probably one of the most successful scams that have been active for at least ten years. Smart Electric Saver attracts consumers by making deceptive claims. Even after months of use, it did not significantly lower my power bills. The website’s assertions are absolutely false. Don’t let the word ‘cut down on electricity bills’ fool you.

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