I Tested Intellibell Doorbell Camera: Here’s What to Expect (2024)

Intellibell Doorbell recently became popular as a smart doorbell packed with features that go way beyond just chiming when someone’s at your door. What is it like, and is it worth its $69.95 price tag? Is intellibell legit?

In this review, I’ll share my hands-on experiences with the intellibell doorbell and security camera.

Analyzing Intellibell Doorbell Security Camera

The Intellibell is a wireless smart doorbell that also works as a security camera. It lets you see what’s happening outside your home in real-time from your phone. The hype surrounding this product is its voice changer feature. When someone inside talks through the doorbell, their voice sounds deeper and more masculine, making it seem like a man is there.

This added security feature makes the Intellibell stand out for keeping your home safe. Other reasons people love it;

  • its advanced motion detection
  • user-friendly app
  • easy installation
  • Long battery life, and live notifications.

Setting Up and Testing

The Intellibel came with these components, Doorbell Camera, Indoor Ding Dong Machine, USB Cable, Double Sided Tape, Plastic Expansion Tubes (2), Screws (2), and a User Manual.

Firstly, I was impressed of how easy it is to set up and use. Not being a tech person, I had no problem installing the doorbell camera myself.

After testing out the security camera for about a week, I found it to be a not so great.


The camera is not HD or wide lens and you can only access the camera if someone has rang the doorbell, even then it is delayed and sometimes doesn’t even notify you. 


I could hear people at the doorbell just fine but there were some small delays in the audio here and there, but nothing that really got in the way of conversations.

Motion sensor

There is no motion sensor, motion recording was pretty horrible to start with, 12sec clip after every 5 min cooldown, which would miss almost all important things, but this thing doesn’t even offer that. 

At $69.95, it’s not the cheapest video doorbell out there. You can find cheaper options from brands like Wyze, and cloud storage subscriptions might be more affordable too.

Pros: What I Like About This Doorbell Security Camera

  1. Affordable price
  2. Can be controlled with voice and connected to other devices


  • Didn’t meet my expectations

Intellibell Vs Ring: Which is best?

When comparing the 2nd-gen Ring doorbell with the Intellibell Doorbell Camera, here’s what I found:

The Ring doorbell is affordable and easy to install. It works well with Alexa, letting me view a clear video feed on my smartphone or smart display. The battery lasts for months, and I can even hardwire it for continuous power. However, some features require a subscription, like saving recordings of events.

On the other hand, the Intellibell Doorbell Camera has some cool features. It uses AI technology to change your voice, which could scare off unwanted visitors. Overall, I recommend Ring over Intellibell.

How To Install

  1. Charge the batteries fully before installing.
  2. Mount the doorbell camera securely outside your home.
  3. Connect the doorbell app to your phone and adjust settings like motion sensitivity.
  4. Set up a doorbell sound, either using the built-in ringtone or purchasing one separately.
  5. Test the doorbell camera to ensure everything is working correctly.

The Best Budget Security System

Having bought and used Google Nest, I believe it gives the best value for your money.The Google Nest Doorbell (Wired) gives fewer false alerts compared to other video doorbells, accurately identifies people, animals, cars, and packages, and offers the choice for 24/7 recording.

If you don’t have doorbell wiring already in place, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell S220(Battery -Powered) is a simple-to-use option with excellent image quality. Plus, its battery lasts around four months on a full charge.

Final Verdict

During my time testing the intellibell Doorbell, I was unimpressed. Even though it covers all the basics of a smart doorbell and offers innovative features, it is not worth the hype and it costs way more than its value.

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