We Tested The Lovilds Detox Slimming Patch: What You Should Know

Can a patch remove toxins from the body and also aid weight loss? This is what Lovilds Perfect Detox Slimming Patch claim to do. While these claims may sound impressive on the surface, is there any proof to support these claims?

We took a close look at Lovilds detox slimming patch, analyzing its ingredients, pros & cons. If you’re thinking of buying this patch, here’s a concise unsponsored review you shouldn’t dismiss.

photo by Diana Polekhina

A Close Look at Lovilds Detox Slimming Patch

Sold on lovilds.com, it’s said to be an all-natural detox patch that works through the abdomen. Users only need to place it on their belly button, then it does the job. The website displays a handful of positive customer reviews, certifications, and even claims the product is FDA cleared. (We’ll be looking into all these)

But first, this is what the patch is said to do;

  • cleanse your stomach and intestines with its natural ingredients
  • Help burn fat, prevent bloating, and boost energy without any harmful effects (??)

Analyzing its Ingredients

The key ingredients inside the patch include: Mugwort floss, Zanthoxylum, Atractylodes Lancea and Ginger root. While these ingredients collectively have one detox benefits or the other, they do not work when placed outside the body.

So why does the patch darken after use? It contains an undisclosed ingredient (Bamboo Vinegar) a color changing chemical that changes the patch’s color when exposed to either air or moisture.

Before and After Results

The reviews on lovilds.com display positive before and after results. However, when we did a reverse image search on the images, we saw they were gotten off the internet.

For example, the search result for Fatima E. shows it is been used by other websites. This makes the review questionable, as it’s likely doctored.

The before and after pictures on Lovilds.com should be treated with low trust as they’re unverifiable, possibly fake, and evidently stolen off the internet.

Is Lovilds Detox Patch FDA Approved?

The website displays images of so called approval from FDA and certification from CE. They also make the proud claim of being FDA approved, no side effects. However, those claims and certificates are fake.

Weight loss patches are not approved by the FDA because there isn’t enough evidence to show that they actually work or that they’re safe to use. Right now, there is no FDA-approved weight loss patch.

So what does this mean to the consumer? Since the FDA doesn’t regulate it, there’s no guarantee about how much of the active ingredients are in each patch or the quality of those ingredients. Here’s a statement by fda.gov.

Does Lovilds Detox Slimming Patch Work?

Having uncovered the loopholes surrounding this detox patch, it’s obvious that it does not work. Whatever claims you see are as a result of placebo effects. Meanwhile it has some associated side effects like skin irritation, redness or burning. It might also leave a scar behind.

Safe and Effective Ways to Detox and Lose Weight

On the topic of detoxification, your body is actually designed to detoxify itself. That is the work of the kidney. However, to make the kidney do its work better you should – drink more water, reduce alcohol intake, sleep more, eat high rich antioxidant food (bell peppers, citrus fruit etc), eat and drink few processed food, etc.

For weight loss, we recommend combining a healthy low calorie diet with an exercise regimen. This can help you lose weight loss faster and healthier.

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