Is The Shark Messmaster Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Worth It? Customer Reports

Did you come across Shark Messmaster Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum? Now, previously, vacuuming was a chore I absolutely dreaded. No one actually enjoys lugging a heavy machine around to each room, plugging it into a different outlet every five minutes and sticking their hand into a grimy filter? I certainly don’t.

So, when I got the opportunity to test out shark mess master vacuum cleaner, I was intrigued. Here is my review after testing.

Shark Messmaster Portable Wet Dry Vacuum
Shark Messmaster Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum

Shark Messmaster Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum: What Is It

The Shark MessMaster is a small but powerful wet/dry vacuum. It has strong suction and can handle all kinds of messes can vacuum, wet or dry without any configuration changing; this is a huge plus.

What to expect

Shark includes a few 4-gallon trash bags, which are the perfect size. While using the bags makes cleanup easier, it’s not necessary. Running water through the vacuum helps clean out any stuck dust or debris. The crevice tool and extension wand work well for hard-to-reach spots. I like all the accessories with it except for the hose seems a little short.

My Experience Using The Shark Messmaster Portable Vacuum

I had an old wet vac that I never used because it was too confusing. It had different setups for wet and dry use, and I couldn’t figure out which was which, so I only used it once. I bought this new one because you don’t have to mess with that. Wet and dry use are the same. It’s also more portable than my old one, which you had to roll around on wheels.

However, the hose on this one could be longer. It’s pretty short, so you have to keep the vacuum motor right next to you or carry it around. The storage mechanism also requires you to pull on the hose a bit to reach. Even if they couldn’t extend the hose by 1-2 feet because of how it’s stored, they could at least extend it by half an inch so you don’t have to stretch it so much to hook it into place.


  • Has a nice design
  • Works well on both wet and dry messes
  • Can be used with bags
  • Easy to clean
  • Has built-in storage for accessories


  • Its not great at picking up pet hair
  • A bit heavy for its size

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and their official website for $129.95.

Customer Reviews And Feedback

There are lots of positive customer reviews on Amazon and other review platforms about this product. Many people are happy about the purchase they made and how

This is no surprise for a shark to have excellent suction alone with easy transportation. The only down fall is the hose that sucks up everything is short. If you vacuuming your car the unit must sit on top of seat. Needs a longer suction hoses.

The vacuum is everything you hope for, but the hose design is flawed. There needs to be an extension with a flex option because extension without flex cannot get places the vacuum is designed for. For example, it shows vacuuming the seat in a car, but the hose is so short the vacuum needs to sit on the seat you are trying to clean.

The suction is great. The draw back is the very short hose. Granted, power cord is long, but with such a short hose it is almost impossible to use without holding and carrying it otherwise it tips over and causes it to go into shut off mode.

Favorite part is that I can use plastic bags from the grocery store to hold the contents I suck up. No need to buy special bags. Cons the attachments don’t stay connected to the unit itself very well. Great for cleaning my stairs in the house and vehicles. I would totally buy this again.

Major Downsides

Apart from the happy customer reviews online, there are also major downsides of using this vacuum cleaner. The suction isn’t great, and the warranty only covers the main unit—not any parts you might break. The hose is too short, so you have to carry the vacuum around while using the extension wand.

Secondly, it fills up fast and only half way. If you have a lot of water to clean up then you have to empty very often. Its also very loud. The cord also is ment to wrap around the top handle and is not really practical. You have to unwrap the whole cord to open the chamber.

Is Shark Messmaster Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum Worth the Buy: Final Words

Yes, The Shark Messmaster Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum is mainly good for cleaning up wet messes. It doesn’t work well as a general shop vac because the hose is too short. For dry messes, you have to bring the vacuum really close, and the exhaust fan in the front blows stuff away from you. I also tried using it in my car—the suction is okay, but the short hose makes it hard to reach tight spots.

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