Is Back to the Future 4: Real or Fake? Read This

Fans are excited about rumors that Back to the Future 4 might come out in 2024 with Tom Holland as the star. But, sadly, the trailer is fake. The footage of Christopher Lloyd is actually from a 2015 promo for the LEGO Dimensions video game, which featured many famous franchises in LEGO form. Here’s how we investigated.

Back to the Future 4
Back to the Future 4

Back to the Future 4 Rumors Heating Up

A new 78-second trailer on YouTube has fans excited about Back to the Future 4 coming in 2024. It shows Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox as Doc Brown and Marty McFly today, along with Lea Thompson and Elizabeth Shue, who played Marty’s mom Lorraine and his girlfriend Jennifer. The trailer ends with Fox saying, “Time travel? Great Scott.”

The biggest surprise is Tom Holland as a young Marty McFly, talking to Fox and redoing scenes from the old movies. Holland’s face is cleverly deepfaked onto Fox’s body, hinting he’d play young Marty in the new movie. But, the trailer is actually a fake.

Why It’s Fake

The idea of Tom Holland in Back to the Future started about four years ago with deepfake videos on YouTube. These videos showed Holland as Marty McFly and Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown.

There’s been no announcement, press release, interview, or personal video from Michael J. Fox—nothing official. The voices and faces of Fox and Lloyd in the trailer are reportedly A.I. generated, but they look pretty real.

Will Back to the Future 4 Be Made?

Fans often hope for a new Back to the Future with Tom Holland. In February 2020, a deepfake video showed Holland as Marty McFly and Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown, getting over 11 million views. Holland was impressed but said the original movie is perfect and can’t be remade.

Holland joked about the deepfake video but praised the original film, saying he and Downey couldn’t do it better. With Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s and Christopher Lloyd’s age, the chances of Back to the Future 4 or a reboot happening in 2024 or anytime soon are very slim.

Reactions from People Who Heard About the News

Bob Gale, the co-creator of Back to the Future, has been clear that there won’t be any more films as long as he’s alive. So, any news about a sequel is fake.

One person said, “I will cringe the hardest if they ever reboot BTTF in the future. Not everything needs to be revisited. This trend in Hollywood needs to end. The musical is also cringe. Just let it be!”

Another person commented, “Only an idiot would believe any of this for a single second.”

Someone else shared, “I’m actually willing to forgive based on pure enthusiasm. I think we were all there at one point or another.”

Another frustrated fan said, “I’m more frustrated that the original poster left out some very important information. Make it better.”

Is Tom Holland Starring in a New Back to the Future 4 Movie?

No, Tom Holland hasn’t been confirmed for a new Back to the Future 4 movie.

Tom Holland hasn’t signed up for a fourth Back to the Future movie. But he could be a cool choice if they ever decide to reboot the series, because he looks a lot like young Michael J. Fox, who played Marty McFly in the original movies.

Final Words: Is The Back to the Future 4 Trailer Fake?

The Back to the Future 4 trailer on YouTube is fake. It was made by YouTuber KH Studios, who is known for creating fake or concept trailers. They often make these to take advantage of fan rumors and speculations about upcoming or canceled movies and TV shows, creating “what-if” scenarios.

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