Sensepro Toothbrush Review: Does It Truely Clean And Whiten The Teeth? Facts Exposed

Can the Sensepro Toothbrush make your teeth sparkle in 30 seconds? Is it a scam? Here’s a consumer report. In this review I share my experience using Sensepro toothbrush, its pros, cons, and everything you should expect when you buy this U shaped automatic toothbrush.

What is Sensepro Toothbrush?

Sensepro Toothbrush is an electronic U shape toothbrush that allegedly automatically cleans your teeth for you in just 30 seconds. This toothbrush falls under the category of mouthpiece toothbrushes, which are becoming the rave of the internet.

How To Use

  • Apply toothpaste to both sides of the mouthpiece
  • Place the Sensepro toothbrush into your mouth
  • Move gently, side to side, back to front, up and down.
  • Remove after 30 seconds
  • Should be used twice daily

Sounds pretty simple right? Sadly, this product has some drawbacks.

I Tried Sensepro Toothbrush Automatic Toothbrush: Here’s What Happened To My Teeth

Over the years I’ve damaged my gums through brushing to hard with my smokers toothbrush. Before I bought the Sensepro toothbrush, all I do after eating is rinse my mouth with toothpaste. I first came across this toothbrush on YouTube, after watching the video, I decided to test it out.

First of all, placing the toothbrush in my mouth has a bit of the same feel as getting an X-ray at the dentist — it seems quite awkward at first. However, the soft bristles and complete fit around my teeth meant it became more comfortable as I got used to it.

However, I honestly don’t think it’s a substitute for brushing. Sensepro Toothbrush was not intense enough to accomplish a deep clean. Though it seemed like it reached all the spots on my teeth, there wasn’t a strong movement, as the bristles themselves don’t move.

I didn’t get that feeling of cleanliness and fresh breath I get from using regular toothbrush. So, I do think you shouldn’t replace it with your normal manual toothbrush.

Sensepro Toothbrush Teeth Whitening Pros: What I Love About This U-Shaped Toothbrush

  • It’s better than normal flossing or rinsing with toothpaste
  • It doesn’t require much efforts
  • It is a good option if you’ve damaged gums

Sensepro Automatic Toothbrush Cons:

  • It is not better than regular manual toothbrush
  • I didn’t have that feeling of fresh breath and cleanliness after use

Do Dentists Approve of This Mouthpiece Toothbrush?

No, dentists don’t approve of mouthpiece or U-shaped toothbrush. It’s said that these automatic toothbrush don’t do intense cleaning and cannot really get rid of bacteria, plague or tartar.

Sensepro Toothbrush doesn’t ensure better dental hygiene. One of the problems of this kind of toothbrush is that they don’t reach the gum line. The gum line is the most important area to brush. Verified dentists have clearly stated that the health of your teeth and gums is AT RISK if you use mouthpiece toothbrush in place of a regular toothbrush.

Is Sensepro Toothbrush Legit?

Sensepro Toothbrush is not a scam perse. This product is only recommended for people with healthy teeth and gums because the vibration from the brush can disturb tooth implants and crowns. I bought a set of four of them to give a However, it does not whiten the teeth or effectively clean the teeth. For better use, it should be used with regular toothbrush, and not a substitute for regular brushing. Also it can be quite a hassle to return this toothbrush , according to customer reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot. If you dislike it, brace yourself for a major battle with the customer service.

Where To Buy

You can only buy this product from their official website or get similar made on Amazon (I recommend Amazon as you can always get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product)


Just like OrthoSparkle, Udental Pro does not whiten the teeth or intensely clean the teeth. It cannot get rid of bacteria, plague or tartar. For better use, it should be used with regular toothbrush.

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