Muama Ryoko Portable Wifi Reviews – Scam? Find Out Real Users Experience

Tony Ponce says it is a junk that does not work with his iPhone. According to this customer, the reviews and Advertisement online are misleading. The Muama ryoko wifi unit is not a genuis product built by two network engineers.

But why are there glowing reviews online from supposed trusted websites? Why are the customer reviews on TrustPilot website all five stars?

Is Muama ryoko scam or legit? What are its charges? How does it work? This review answers all your questions.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Muama Ryoko Wifi

Muama Ryoko otherwise known as Ryoko wifi has conflicting reviews online. Some users think it is the best thing to be invented by mankind, while others have labelled it a scam.

Which of these reviews are true?

Muama Ryoko Wifi Reviews

Is Muama Ryoko WiFi Worth Your Money?

Forget the advertising, Muama Ryoko is just a simple wifi hotspot or mobile tethering device. it’s basically a portable hotspot (which is a thing you can also do with your phone, there’s no need for an external device unless you really want to save battery’

False Claims

The Advertisement claims you can get one-touch access to the internet in over 139 countries around the world, this is misleading. Every person who’s tech-savvy knows it is entirely false.

You cannot magically get unlimited internet out of air. You will do need a separate mobile internet contract from AT&T, T-Mobile or other mobile carriers to use with the Ryoko Wifi.

Fake Speed Test

In the Ad circulating round the internet, the speed test of this product is staked at 600 plus megabits per second download speed. Well, this is so unrealistic, and in fact impossible. In reality, this device can only top up at 150.

Hidden Fees

These advertisers are making it seem like you don’t have to pay for your data. They do so by claiming the WiFi comes with no contracts and no hidden fees. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are fees you have to pay to use the product. Imagine paying outrageous prices for mobile carrier 30€ a month for an unlimited 200mb/s plan.

There’s also the case of 500MB limit.

Ryoko WiFi Users Reviews

With more than 500 reviews on Trustpilot, it is obvious that this product is making a kill in the market. Kudos to YouTube and Facebook advertising. Still, the reviews are not hundred percent positive.

Did you buy this portable Wi-Fi from Amazon or Does it meet your expectations? Did you pay extra money?

Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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  1. The Muama-Ryoko device may work as far as I know. Ordered one early June but I hasn’t arrived yet. I contacted the company late last month and was informed that my order was “in process” but to not worry because I will get it before the month ends. (Yeah. And a fairy moth will deliver it by leaving it under my pillow.)
    Customer service responded to my complaint and assured me the unit was “in process” and provided a web link where I could check on the status of my delivery. Eventually the message changed to “in transit” around the first of July, but no tracking information was shown. My order is sill “in transit” not for 20 days. Clearly this is taking on the look of a SCAM. Will likely never see my unit or my money again.

  2. I own an UNAUTHORIZED sale of a Muama ryoko!
    Receiving ad on internet, proceeded to fill out purchase information but before submitting form, changed my mind about buying one, thought that was the end of it but couple months later a package arrived, not knowing what it was, I opened the outer package, then realizing what had happened. Sealed it back up and had to pay the postage and sent it back, it came back again saying their was no such return address. These Chinese cannot be trusted, neither some of their cheap inferior products.

  3. Don’t be to concerned I ordered a Huusk knife from same company , same deal with email , but it arrived today great knife I am vert pleased

  4. It seems like a scam. Ordered very early August, endless “tracking” messages saying it is on the way, but absolutely no sign of it in mid-September. They have lots of customer service agents but nil customer service. They keep sending standard replies which sound all very nice but are meaningless. They don’t read my emails or address the non-arrival of the product. Completely hopeless.

  5. Sent mine back, there’s nothing “free Internet” about it. It was cheaper to upgrade my service to include mobile hotspot capability to my wireless devices than to add this thing to my wireless plan.

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