Review: Rush Charge Portable Charger

Are you tired of your iPhone or Android constantly running out of battery? If so, you might have heard about the viral Rush Charge portable charger that’s making waves online. This product claims to be a 3-in-1 solution: wireless, lightweight, and high-speed. But does it really work?

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and using this portable charger, the pros, cons and what to expect when you buy.

About Rush Charge Portable Charger

The Rush Charge Rush Bank is a fast-charging power bank that claims to charge multiple devices at once. It has two USB outputs, so you can charge two devices. With its high capacity, it can fully charge a modern smartphone more than twice. You can use it on Android, Iphone and other devices. The most popular is the Universe, hinge, RC quad Station, Rush bank UVC, Gan 45.

Major highlights

  1. Fast Charging: Charges your devices quickly at a rate of 2.1 amps.
  2. Pass-Through Charging: You can charge both the power bank and your devices simultaneously.
  3. Battery Life Display: Easily see how much battery life is left with the LED display.
  4. Automatic Power Save Mode: Saves power automatically when not in use.


I bought this product from Amazon and my order arrived in 4 days.


This power bank is pretty handy. It’s slim and light, so I can easily carry it in my pocket or purse. Plus, it has enough battery capacity to charge my smartphone multiple times before needing a recharge. I like that it charges my devices quickly and efficiently every time. It also has a built-in LED indicator that shows me how much power is left, so I know when to recharge.

However, there are a few downsides. It’s surprising that they didn’t include a USB charging cord, especially considering the price. Luckily, I had one that fit, but it would have been more convenient if it came with a cord. Even though it offers multiple charging options, I still feel like the price is a bit high for what you get.

Customer Reports

The customer reviews are mostly positive with few complaints on Reddit and other review websites.

Purchased 2 of these chargers in December & one arrived not charging. After verifying being broken a replacement was sent out. One month later the charging port broke off whilst lid was on in my handbag. So cute & small but Flimsy and non withstanding travelling with. Not covered under warranty . Should be sold sold in a case got better protection. Would not recommend

I purchased 2 units. One to keep, one to gift. Decided to open mine for the first time since recieving today. My cheap KMart charger charges much faster than the ‘rush’ charger. Phone has been connected for 2+ hours and still less than 70% charged.
Over-priced and over-stated. Product isn’t worth the outlay. Falsly advertised as speedy. I’d like to send both back for full refund.

The Rush chargers look great but how the charging part sits is really unstable and can be broken easily. Bad design, purchased 2 wouldn’t buy more as I don’t think they will last long. They just hang off the end of the iphone so you can’t hold it


  1. It’s very lightweight
  2. You’ve got three options to charge your devices
  3. It can charge 3 devices and fits in the palm of my hand


  1. Bad design
  2. Falsly advertised as speedy. 
  3. The product is Over-priced and over-stated

Where To Buy

You can buy Rush charge from their official website and from Amazon, Walmart, Comet and other online retail stores. The price is $39.99 for one.

How Long Does It Take To Charge

To charge your Rush Charge, use your smartphone’s charging cable (not included). It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge. Charging with just a USB connection may take longer than using a wall adapter.

The Truth About The Rush Charger

This product is extremely over priced and not fast charging at all. Do not buy. I thought it was a ‘trusted’ device (as seen on TV) however I was fooled. 

The Rush charge doesn’t deliver what it promised, I have kept one for myself and it won’t even charge and I have only used it once.
It does not provide:
• Up to 25 hours of talk time
• Up to 18 hours of internet use
It goes flat before anything of the above is achieved.


I recommend the Rush Charge to anyone who needs to stay connected and powered up while on the go. Whether you’re running a business, traveling, or just need a reliable backup power source, this product claims to be the solution.

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