Blake Shelton TenPoint Nitro 505 Scam: Fake Giveaway That Fools Facebook Users

Blake Shelton is not giving away 3000 Tenpoints Nitro 505 as promised by the scammer who recently sent you a DM. Scammers are creating fake Facebook and instagram pages and sending out DMs to American citizens using fake AI generated images. What do they promise? Free ten point crossbows with just a $99.9 shipping fee.

It’s a scam, lots of our readers reached out to use recently to investigate whether this free viral crossbow claims are true, this article works explain further why you need to stay away from such dubious claims.

As a Cybersecurity Analyst, I’ve taken my time to look into Blake Shelton and the Tenpoint Scam Nitro Scam connected to him. This article breaks down how the scam works, what to do if you get caught, and other important details to help you understand it better. An example of such fake Facebook page is the image below:

How The Blake Shelton Crossbow Scam Fools Unsuspecting Users

The scammers behind this scheme claim to be giving away $2,000 crossbows using the face of American Celebrity Blake Shelton. They leave a link behind for interested users. However to make it appear like you’re getting your money’s worth, they issue terms like living in the United States as eligibility criteria and they go as far as conducting a quick little contest which you will win obviously.

The scam begins the moment they request for your name, address and other sensitive info claiming the bow will be shipped in 5-7 days but then you will need to cover the cost of shipping yourself.

What happens next

The moment you give them your cc info and hit send. They now have all the info they need to make purchases with your card. However buried deep in the fine print of the terms and conditions is a sneaky one-time fee of $179.84, plus a monthly subscription for a “healthy meal plans” app that you didn’t even sign up for.

We’ve seen similar crossbow scams like this happen recently using Ravin crossbow, Ten Point and Barnett names and one even using AI to look like Ted Nugent.

Is Blake Shelton Aware Of This Scam?

Yea, in fact he posted on his Facebook page



Please do not send money to anyone pretending to be Blake. They are fake Blake Shelton accounts! MAKE SURE TO REPORT ALL FAKE ACCOUNTS to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! In addition, message our real account with the username of the fake account so we can ensure these get taken down.

There are several fake Blake Shelton accounts going around and if they do not have a blue verification check mark like the photos below it is not Blake’s account!

Our sincere apologies to anyone affected by a fake account.

-Team BS

Red Flags Of Blake Shelton TenPoint Nitro 505 scam

  1. AI Generated Video: The scammers responsible for this prevalent scam make use of AI videos of Blake Shelton wearing a United States Army Uniform selling a pitch about this crossbow to his loyal fans.
  2. Quick Tactics: They make use of words like” offer lasts today” “Grab yours now” to lure victims into clicking the link to buy this item.
  3. Fake Website: The moment you click on the link, you are moved to a fake news articles to survey websites offering a free crossbow for just $9.99. The fake crossbow website claims “Blake Shelton Partners with Ten point for Crossbow giveaway up to 100% off!.

Testimonials From People Who Experienced This Scam

We came across Facebook comments from hundreds of people who have experienced the fake Blake Shelton scam messages on their DMs and other social media handles. Some of the comments on Facebook message include

I’m from Tishomingo Okla and had a fake Blake message me. I asked what the name of park was across the bridge and when he messaged me I asked where he was right then. He didn’t know park name and said he was in Tishomingo at the time lol the real Blake was on tour and in concert at the time. However, when told that and I lied and said I knew Blake he confessed he wasn’t Blake and I blocked him after telling him what I thought of him. I’ve been trying to reach the real Blake because a friend has land for sale in milburn So if the real one wants to talk about it I will do a quiz on Tish you answer and I know it’s you.

I did get a messenger request from someone pretending to be Blake Shelton. Right away I new it was a scam. I messaged your real page about this. Never got any response

I got a request from this guy last week an went ab looked didn’t have the blue check so knew it was fake. I messaged the really Blake an told them had a pretender out there. Then yesterday I had like 6/7 request from “Trace Adkins” an “Jason Aldein” they just keep putting numbers on the end an sending my request. I just keep deleting them.

What Happens If I Fall For This Scam

  1. Report the online fraud activity or scams at”
  2. Contact your bank immediately and explain the situation.
  3. Change your passwords immediately
  4. Spread the info on social media channels.

How To Protect Yourself From Fake Social Media Giveaways:

  1. Check for the blue checkmark to verify the authenticity of the page.
  2. Be cautious of new accounts with minimal content, especially if they’re hosting a giveaway.
  3. Watch out for spelling errors and typos, as they often indicate a scam.
  4. Beware of giveaways that require too many tasks, like commenting on multiple posts or following numerous accounts.
  5. Ensure there are clear terms and conditions, including organizer contact details and eligibility requirements.
  6. Avoid mindlessly liking every post in your feed to prevent inadvertently supporting scams.

Final Words

Finally, Blake Shelton is famous nowadays and this have prompted scammers to use his image for different scam giveaways on social media. Just know that Blake Shelton will never call you to request for your personal info or give you a link to click on. Anyone requesting for this simply wants to use your personal identity for activities you will never find out about until you get in trouble.

Scammers are using the image of Blake Shelton promising a Le Creuset Giveaway.

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