Does Pro Nail Complex Work for nail fungus? I Tried It

Do you suffer from Toenail infection and came across Pro Nail Complex? This product is marketed as a new way to quickly and easily treat toenail fungus. It’s supposed to go deep into your nails and get rid of the fungus that’s causing harm.

But can it help to prevent nail infection naturally? lets find out

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What Is Pro Nail Complex

The Pro Nail complex comes in form a mist spray that the manufacturers claim it reduces toenail fungus, strengthens nails, helps nails grow back, and makes your skin healthier. The makers also say it’s approved by the FDA, certified for good manufacturing practices, and doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients nor does it have side effects. But the main question is “ Does it work?”.

You get the following as bonus when you order;

  • The Skin Fix Files e-book
  • Clear Steps guide for nail growth and foot health

Major Ingredients Inside

Mineral oil, Sweet almond oil, Organic flaxseed oil, Tea tree oil, Aloe vera, Canola oil, Walnut oil.

Does Pro Nail Complex Work?

There’s no proof that this nail supplement work for fungus treatment. I ordered 5 bottles for a discount price of $39.98 on Amazon. When it arrived, it looked very much like mineral water.

Lots of articles online claim I should expect exceptional results, but after two weeks of consistent application I noticed no change in my toe fungus.

Heck, it isn’t the miracle worker aggressively marketed online. The only thing that works better in it is the anti-inflammatory property. Once applied on my nail, it reduces the mild pain I feel at the edges of the nail.

Now, I’ve to paint the tips of my nails as that’s the spot the fungus is currently at. When I chatted the seller up about my disappointment. I was told to continue using it even when I’m yet to see results for four weeks now. 

How To Apply

  1. Clean the area where you have the problem.
  2. Put it on two times a day: once in the morning and again in the evening.

Do I Recommend ProNail Complex for fungus treatment?

At the moment no. From my experience, it’s not such an awesome product as advertised. Whats quite annoying is that there are a lot of sponsored reviews online which are fake. Also, the price disparity in different online store confuses me.

Why is it cheaper on some stores and cost more in other stores? I’ve a feeling that there’s a lot of counterfeit going around. Who knows, I might have bought the fake Pro Nail Complex.

When I checked the official website, ‘’ it costs $49 for a single bottle. Why then does Amazon, ebay and other stores have it listed 5 bottles for $39. Are the sellers selling it below cost price or are they counterfeit?

Is It FDA Approved?

This is what pisses me the most about the ProNail Complex. It’s not FDA approved. Lots of Sponsored posts claim it has FDA approval, even the official website boasts of FDA approval. However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only approved the following medicines for nail fungus;

  • Amorolfine
  • Ciclopirox
  • Efinaconazole
  • Tavaborole
  • Fluconazole
  • Griseofulvin
  • Itraconazole
  • Terbinafine

No supplement, serum, or mist spray for fungus treatment has been approved by the FDA. To clarify this, the official Pro Nail Complex website has written this below its homepage ”Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”

So why tell people it’s FDA approved? Such deception!

Final Thoughts

The ProNail Complex is a new product that recently started trending. However, it is sold with fake claims and doesn’t really work as much as advertised. It might get rid of toe fungus, only if you caught the fungus in its early stage.

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