Vivastra Lightfeet Nail Treatment Reviews: Does It Really Work? We Asked A Podiatrist

Did you come across YouTube videos promoting Vivastra Lightfeet Nail Treatment? Do you have a fungal infection that needs treating? If you are reading this then you must be suffering from some sore of fungal nail infection, that or you like looking at people’s toenails. 

The Vivastra device claims to combine blue light therapy and low temperature infrared laser to prevent feet infection. But does it work? We asked a podiatrist about this device.

Overview Of Vivastra Lightfeet Nail Treatment

Vivastra Lightfeet nail treatment is a device made to tackle fungal nail infections. The manufacturers claim this device can repair nails, reduce pain, swelling and disinfects nails using blue light therapy. But does it work.

My Experience Using Vivastra Lightfeet Nail Treatment

As a runner I find it increasingly frustrated that my left big toenail keeps getting infected, I have tried other products and while Scholl 2 in 1 came close to fixing the issue the problem grew back.

Before I continue let me point out that inside the box you get a glass file, a nail brush (which we will come back to) and a large bottle of liquid with pipette. I also had in mine a note to claim another free bottle which will be given for writing a review. Moving onto the contents, the file is a nice glass file which can be used to file down the nail and lift the nail from the nail bed.

I’m yet to see noticeable results from my left feet after 3 weeks. Although the other foot is slightly improving there is still discoloration. The liquid itself is easy to use, using the pipette you just drop a couple of drops onto the nail.


  1. This product smells nice and is easy to use
  2. It comes in an attractive box


  1. It takes time to work

Does Vivastra Lightfeet Nail Treatment Work

Not exactly. I am 3 weeks into using this product however and so far there is no noticeable change. The nail at the top was thick and digging into my skin and I could not raise it up, this changed after 2 weeks allowing me to cut it back. At this time I will keep using the bottle 3 times a day as instructed until the new nail has grown fully which can take some time. At this time I will come back and add or amend my review (if needs be).

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from, Amazon, eBay and other online stores. It’s on sale for £29.99, down from the regular price of £59.98. So basically, you’re getting 50% off.

Customer Reviews

There are mixed customer reviews which are mostly positive on Trustpilot, Reddit and Amazon.

My husband has been using something else for his toenails for several years, and although it seems to get rid of the problem, it comes back very quickly. I saw this advertised somewhere, so decided to give it go based on the reviews.
He says it is very easy to use, and seems to be getting rid of it. Time will tell whether it stays away longer than using the previous product he used, but you definitely get a lot more for your money, so it will last a lot younger.

Having tried many other treatments for fungal nails, I decided to give this a go. I have been applying it 2-3 times a day for a few weeks so far and it is fair to say that it has changed the appearance of the my nails in that they are less yellow. However, it is too early to give a proper opinion as to whether the product will cure my nail problem as the product guidance does say it can take between 3 and 6 months to work. I like the ease of application of this product and the brush enclosed with the item makes it easy to apply.

Lovely smell. Was using regularly twice a day for a few months then stopped as there was a difference but it was very slow so quite frustrating. My nails are really bad though, had toenail fungus for over 30years and even tried the Lamisil tablets from the doctor for 6 months several years ago and that only cleared up one nail. So I’ve bought this treatment oil again and going to just keep persevering, it is doing something and whilst using it I don’t have itchiness caused by the athletes foot which seems to come from the nail fungus. 

Does Laser Treatments Work On Fungus Infection: A Podiatrist Opinion

It’s not clear if laser treatment really works for toenail fungus because studies have different setups. Most studies looked at older adults, but they didn’t all use the same criteria for picking participants. There’s no standard test to know if someone really has toenail fungus, so the results of tests can be different. Also, what counts as a “cure” isn’t the same in every study. Some studies were short, while others were longer, and the longer ones hinted that the fungus might come back. Nail growth slows down as people get older, but not all studies took this into account. Different studies also looked at different types of toenail fungus. It costs a lot to do a long study, and who pays for it can affect what the study finds. Plus, there’s no set way to use lasers to treat toenail fungus. Some experts and studies even say lasers might not be any better than other treatments for toenail fungus.

Why Do People Feel It’s A Scam

There are customer reviews on their official website that is overly positive. There are claims that the reviews are fake and mostly sponsored also the website was recently created on July 2023.

Alternative To Try

If you’re dealing with toenail fungus and want to treat it at home, Dr. Jodi LoGerfo, a dermatologist in New York City, recommends using Lamisil AT Antifungal Cream. It contains an ingredient called terbinafine, which you can easily get without a prescription. You can apply this cream directly to the infected area once or twice a day until the fungus clears up. For the best results, it’s suggested to use the cream after taking a bath or shower.


Vivastra Lightfeet nail treatment is a strong solution for fungal nail infections. It works deep into the nail for a whole day, helping it grow back healthier and stronger. But it does not really work as advertised.

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