Restofinisher Reviews (2023 Updated) DON’T Buy This Wood Finisher Before Reading This!

Do you want to buy RestoFinisher wood finisher? Don’t do so yet! A lot of things don’t add up about this product and the company marketing it.

According to FTC, online shopping and negative reviews is the second most reported fraud category in 2022. As a result of this, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc. for our reader’s financial safety.

Our Review of Restofinisher serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Legit Furniture Restorer or Scam? claims the product penetrates faded lacquer, shellac, and varnish finishes to bring back the original color and luster of wood furniture. However, from our findings the claim is totally false. See the inconsistencies observed below –

  • Customers testified that the product has nothing to do with restoring furniture. It’s just olive oil poured in a bottle that says ‘Wood Finish Restorer’.
  • The Wood Finish Restorer product you see on their ad is NOT what you get. The product you get just says “Wood Finish Restorer”, no ingredient list, no UPC code, no manufacturer name, no address, no instructions on the bottle, just Made In China. 
  • The site claims the product ships from US, but in reality it comes from China.
  • Absolutely not non-toxic. Restofinisher contains ingredients that may cause eyes irritation and make people feel sick. It is also inflammable. is not selling what they claim. It copied the famous name “Restor A Finish”, which has been around for sometime now.

Does Restofinisher Really Restore Wood and Cabinets?

Ignore the positive reviews on, they’re all scripted lies. When we ordered and used the Wood Finish Restorer we were totally disappointed. Firstly, it has no ingredient label or reference to it being RestoFinisher.

Secondly, after using it our cabinets did not look any different. We tried it on furniture and flooring, nothing changed except it looked oily.

If you’re thinking of buying this wood finisher, We’d advise you not to do so.


  1. Thanks, it sounds and looks too good to be true. Also, I can’t tell what the ingredients are or how much fluid oz. is in the bottle that starts at almost $30!

  2. Thanks for the review. I rely on honest reviews before purchasing products online. Appreciate your recommendation.

  3. Thanks! The ad looked really convincing, but I always check reviews first. If I hadn’t seen your article, I probably would have bought it!

  4. Thank you as others have pointed out you saved us money that would have been wasted. We need more
    honest reviews because fraud and fake advertising is rampant on the internet with no consequences.

  5. Thanks you for protecting the public. Someone somewhere has to. There are so many scams online
    today. Keep up the good work!

  6. WOW!! I was really excited to place an order & I’m just so happy I checked for reviews before I did that, AND so is my husband, lol

  7. I was skeptical of their advertising, which led me here. I do have some comments, though: You say it’s just olive oil, yet you say it is toxic and flammable. How can both be true? You say it comes from China, which isn’t exactly known for producing olive oil. Olive oil is relatively expensive and it’s actually common that even bottles labeled as “olive oil” don’t contain it, but have other cheaper oils instead.

    I have used an oil-based wipe-on polyurethane that actually did work similar to what they show, even though it wasn’t marketed as a restorer.

    1. What did you use? I’d be curious to try it.

      No ingredients and no listing of ounces did it for me. I had to research further.

      1. Yep, I even enlarged the photo to try to see what the container said. No luck with that.
        If you can’t even tell me how much is in the bottle and give me the list of ingredients that is very suspicious.

  8. thank you for the heads-up. Anything worthwhile takes some efforts!!!!!!! This offer was too easy to be true. Thanks for your honest reporting. Saving a lot of us from scams. God bless.

  9. Thank you so much for the review/warning! I was nearly taken in by the advertisement! Glad I searched for further reviews.

  10. Thank you for warning about ‘RestoreFinisher’.
    It was very helpful. I am glad I did not fully trusted that ad and decided to find reviews first. 🙂

    1. I just called them and they said that they will take the product back or give you a $33.76 credit. Their number: 531/204-2238. I’m hoping that they do what they say.

  11. A complete SCAM, as previously stated I received a bottle of some kind of oil, no ingredients listed, no “restofinish” on the bottle. I’ll attempt to send back but not holding my breath. DO NOT BUY

  12. Yep, I even enlarged the photo to try to see what the container said. No luck with that.
    If you can’t even tell me how much is in the bottle and give me the list of ingredients that is very suspicious.

  13. I was going to buy this product, but after reading the reviews, I decided not to waste my money, Don’t buy the Bee Wax product either, it doesn;t do what it says either

  14. I bought 2 bottles of this stuff and it looks like oil no ingredient list and no where on the box or bottle does it say restofinisher. When I used the product it was just oil. So I googled the product to see if the product was the same stuff as advertised. And I came to this site. I wish I had visited this site before I bought the product cause I certainly wouldn’t have bought it if I had. It is not the same product as shown on their site. It is a clear oil. I went to the restfinisher website to see if in had misordered the product. Maybe ordering the wrong color. No there is no choices except how many bottles you want. And no where on the site do you see the product you receive. Apparently I am not the only one. Perhaps a class action lawsuit should be in order to start.

  15. I wish I saw this sooner! This is such a scam! I briefly looked it up online before buying but missed this site. Buyers BEWARE! DO NOT BUY!

  16. So glad I found this review site and didn’t place an order, thank you all for saving me from wasting monies

  17. Unfortunately, I did NOT read these reviews before purchasing two spray bottles!
    I immediately sent a text to the support shown and did receive immediate answers for my question re: content of bottle? Then after following this site I re-wrote back to “Support” indicating that I decided against purchasing the products and as long as it had not shipped, I would request a refund!? Again, an immediate reply indicating that the product, in fact, had been shipped. A complete refund would be provided when the shipment was returned! I have been impressed with timely replies from “Support”!
    Now, let’s see how a re-fund is issued? It did NOT take long for funds to be deducted from my account! Will advise as this progresses!

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