l1smc.com- We Found a Package For you Scam

If you received a text message claiming there is a pending package for you, read this to know what to do.

The text message claims you have a package From March for you, or from July. All such messages have a link to the website l1smc.com.

The text message goes this way-

However, when I tried clicking on the link, it refused to take me to any page.

You shouldn’t click on it! It’s very dangerous, you might lose your personal information by clicking on such links from random text. It is likely a scam, because lots of people got such messages at the same time.

What Should You Do If You Receive Messages Like This

No matter how convincing it make sound, we advise you not to call the number or click the link, or attempt to send a message to the number. This is because once you do so, they would find a way to convince you to send money or your personal information.

If you were tricked by the scam, please contact your bank for help.

Don’t forget  to forward suspicious, malicious, or phishing email messages to us Here. Also, you can report scams, untrustworthy websites and tell us why you consider the websites fraudulent.


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  1. Was sent this link and clicked on it. Please let me know what to do! http://l1smc.info/i4EuBw7iKb
    Claims a package from may is in their possession and I need to claim it. Took me to a USPS survey which I answered “not sure” to all questions”

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