Wattpad error 131- How To Fix The Issue !

If you have experienced the ‘error 131’ while uploading or saving a new story on wattpad this 2022, read this to know what to do.

The error code 131 that appears in wattpad when you try to comment or upload story has proved problematic for a lot of people. So how do you find your way round this problem?

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Wattpad error Code 131- Fix It Here!

When I accessed Wattpad support website, I saw no information about such error code. This goes further to tell me that the problem is not from my end, as I have also stumbled on a lot of complaints from users.

So how do you fix the problem?

For now, there is no permanent way to fix the problem ourselves (we have to wait for Wattpad developers) as it seems to be a server issue.

However, if you are trying to upload a chapter or publish a book, you should use google docs to save it, in case it gets deleted. Furthermore, take a deep breathe. A lot of people experienced this same issue the last three days, and now they are not having the issue.

So it is a temporary issue! You’ll get back to your stories soon.

Please write in the comments if you are still having the issue. In future it will help other viewers to understand whether a problem is huge or not. Also it could help Wattpad developers to fix the issue.

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  1. I just got this error and it really sucks because I need to update my story and text my friends on wattpad.

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