Is Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara Worth The Hype

Should you consider buying Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara in 2024? Does the Olivia Blaire Mascara create defined, long, curly, natural-looking lashes that resist fallout and last all day or another fad product to rip you of hard earned money?.

I was interested in trying this mascara after spotting it on social media, here is my review after trial.

Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara
Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara website

What Is Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara

The Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara is supposed to give you defined, long, curly lashes that look natural. It’s supposed to last all day without falling out. It should also make your lashes look clear at the roots and not get tangled even after using it multiple times.

How I Tested

I was really sold on the ad I saw because I have the same type of lashes. I was excited to try the Olivia Blaire mascara, so I ordered the BOGO. I paid $34.90. The day after I received it I tried the mascara.  Unfortunately, the mascara didn’t give me the same effect. I tried it with and without a lash curler, but there was no difference.

The formula is really wet and doesn’t spread out evenly. It doesn’t clump like most mascaras, but it also doesn’t coat each individual lash well.

What I Like

  1. It’s waterproof
  2. Very easy to apply

What I Didn’t Like

  1. The wand is tiny and the mascara super watery
  2. It’s hard to remove
  3. The packaging is cheap
  4. If you have used the product, you cannot return it

Does Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara Work

Not exactly as advertised. This mascara is made of plastic, not metal, and it doesn’t have the fibers it’s supposed to. It doesn’t add volume or length like it claims. I even tried using it with an eyelash primer, but it was still disappointing. In the end, I had to use my regular mascara on top of it.

Major Downside I Discovered

It’s very easy to apply but filled with false advertising. It comes from a different distributor than advertised and does not contain micro fibers and does not have any curling effect. Another downside is washing it off, it takes time and effort even while using waterproof makeup remover. I would recommend if you need your makeup to last all day/night without touch ups.

How Customers Tested

A lot of people love this mascara and have shared their experiences on Amazon and Trustpilot. A few of the comments I saw include:

Actually very impressed with their mascara. I’m 40 years old and my lashes lay completely flat. Once I curl my lashes and apply their mascara they don’t move. My only complaint is that it came in “JudyDoll” packaging and not Olivia Blaire packaging. They told me it’s the same mascara which it is but the brand name is different. Still very happy with it.

I’ve been bombarded with ads from this company on Facebook for weeks now. I caved… and am actually really impressed with this mascara wand. It definitely lives up to the hype.

I have long, natural lashes and was very excited to try this mascara! It good at all! The long tube side is the brush, not the mascara! Not cool. The wand was tiny and the mascara was super watery. Took a lot of mascara to even get a little bit of coating on! Save your $$$

Will I Buy Again Does Their Return Policy Look Like

No, The Olivia Blaire Iron Wand Mascara doesn’t look like what was advertised. It’s not anything special. It says it has a metal wand, but I’m not sure where the metal is—it might be in the handle. The wand is actually plastic, and it’s more like a spongy tip with mascara on it. It doesn’t work as expected.

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