Does the Dramm Revolution Spray Gun Truly Deliver on Its Promises? Read This

Are you considering buying Dramm Revolution Spray Gun? Did you come across ads and customer reviews online promoting this water nozzle. The Revolution 9-Pattern Spray Gun boasts about its One Touch Valve, promising complete water flow control with just a touch of your thumb. But does it really deliver on this claim? This review will help you weigh the pros and cons and whether this product is a good buy or not.

Dramm Revolution Spray Gun
Dramm Revolution Spray Gun

What Is Dramm Revolution Spray Gun

The Dramm Revolution 9-Pattern One Touch Spray Gun is great for cleaning your car, boat, deck, and sidewalk, and for watering your plants. You can easily change the water flow with just a press of your finger. But does it work as advertised?

Why People Love It

Works for Many Tasks

  • Washes cars and boats
  • Cleans decks and sidewalks
  • Waters flowers and young trees

Easy to Use

  • Quick-change water flow
  • One-touch control with your thumb

My Dramm Revolution Spray Gun Experience

I liked this nozzle because of the thumb-operated lever. You can control the water flow with just your thumb, and it stays set even after you let go, like cruise control in a car. This feature works great and still does.

However, I didn’t like the plastic ring for changing spray patterns. I’ve had other nozzles with this design, and they always fail. This one is no different; it started leaking badly. I even brought it inside for winter, but it still dribbles a lot and is hard to use.

The nozzle looks great and feels comfortable, but it leaks on two different hoses. I checked the washer and tightened it well, but it still leaks. Water drips from two narrow plastic channels on the sides of the nozzle. Also, the ‘Center’ spray setting is sloppy and not as accurate as older nozzles. If they fix this, it would be perfect.


  1. Easy to use. 
  2. You can control the flow of the water with a touch of the finger.
  3. It’s very sturdy


  1. Leaks from from the rotating head
  2. Does not spray well

Does Dramm Revolution Spray Gun Work

Yes it works. The product is well made. However it does not spray well. Also, this spray gun isn’t as good as other ones you squeeze to start. It can’t blast water like those for cleaning sidewalks. It’s mainly for watering plants. It has a nice rain setting, but the stream isn’t very strong. It’s okay for watering plants, but not as strong as the squeeze models. The ‘shower’ and ‘rain’ settings are basically the same. There is also no ‘full’ setting, so if you want the full amount of water without the pressure of a specific setting, overall I’m not impressed and don’t understand the hype.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

People who have bought this watering nozzle have mixed reactions about it. A customer said they bought this sprayer in June 2020 and used it about twice a week from June to September. By the next June, it only worked when the handle was between ‘on’ and ‘off’, reducing the water flow a lot. They expected it to perform better. Before buying this, they received a green sprayer as a gift from a gardening friend, which convinced them to buy the orange one.

Another customer said they were tired of cheap garden sprayers and researched a lot before choosing this one. When it arrived, they weren’t disappointed. It’s well-built, made from a single piece of metal, not a mix of metal and plastic. It’s easy to use, and even though the thumb mechanism is plastic, it feels sturdy and durable. They love the metal construction; it seems like it will last a long time. Not having to squeeze a trigger is great for their arthritic hands.

Is The Dramm Revolution Spray Gun Worth The Money

I’m not sure it’s worth the cost. It’s not a horrible nozzle but I don’t think it’s efficient to be honest. It leaks like every other spray gun I’ve used. I’ve only had it for a month, so I can’t say how long it will last. The spray settings cover more area than I want. I prefer a smaller rain or shower setting. Some people might like the wider coverage, though. Maybe my expectations were little too high from the good reviews. 


The New York Times Wirecutter recommended this nozzle for good reasons: it’s sturdy and offers different spray patterns. But there’s a problem – after changing the patterns a few times, the screw holding the head gets loose, causing leaks. You’ll find yourself tightening it often. Despite this, it still does a great job for different watering needs.

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