I Used JetNozzle High Pressure Hose To Clean My Patio: Here Is My Review

JetNozzle is marketed online as a high pressure cleaning gadget but does it really work? Is this nozzle the same pressure as garden hose?. I saw this nozzle, read the reviews and decided to give it a try, here is my review after trial.


About JetNozzle Hose

JetNozzle is a high-pressure cleaning nozzle that makes your cleaning jobs more powerful and efficient. It works with most pressure washers and can be easily attached to your wand for quick use.

Based upon the marketing info in the product description, I thought that I would give this a shot (not very expensive) and see if it would do the trick

My JetNozzle Experience

I Bought JetNozzle pressure hose since I needed something with enough pressure without buying a pressure machine to clean my patio. It does not leak, as advertised. The shut-off switch is a bit tight, but overall, it’s impressive.

It is very simple to use and gives all the pressure needed while also being easily adjustable for filling water buckets, etc. Because the design is simple, it should outlast more complex nozzles that malfunction quickly.

However, it has a design flaw: the lever is too short. When water pressure is applied, the lever is so hard to operate that pliers were needed to free it. Future designs should have a 2-inch lever with a rubber insert for easier one-handed use.

Is It A Good Buy

The spray is strong and works well for stone, siding, and high spots like two-story eaves. You can control the water spray’s power by moving the lever on the side. The lever is a bit stiff at first, but it loosens up after some use. For the price, I recommend it. I can’t say how long it will last since I’ve only used it a couple of times. It’s easier to use than my pressure washer for a quick wash. Having good water pressure at home also helps.

Reviews From People Who Bought

There are lots of customer complains on Amazon and some other review websites about this product. Here are some of them

Ordered my first two, was so impressed ordered two more. Each of my hoses now has one. Does everything my pressure washer did but so much easier. No lugging around a heavy pressure washer. I was even able to reach my solar panels on the roof. So glad I found this item! Oh, also no long nozzle that does nothing, just harder to handle. Small brass nozzle, so great!

bought this to aid in cleaning the vinyl siding on my house. Even though it is small, it will shoot a stream of water a good 20′ or more. I use it in conjunction with a pole mounted bristle brush to soften the dirt, then rinse it all away. It really works great and the shut off valve is a nice additional feature.

Exactly as described and I would highly recommend. great price for two. I personally would not wash my car with these, but for cleaning spider webs and wasps nest from the corners of our windows, these have great pressure. We have not tried these in a real pressure washing situation like on a walkway, so I can’t offer a review on that.


  1. Great for increasing the pressure on your water hose
  2. Available In different online stores


  1. it’s hard to turn the shut off on
  2. There is no handle to hold
  3. Won’t replace a pressure washer

Is JetNozzle A Scam? Customers Speak Out

Lots of customers on Trustpilot said this product is nothing like the ad! The wand cannot even remove winter dirt from a concrete pool deck. It doesn’t work anywhere near as well as the commercial claims. .

Also, this product is the same pressure as garden hose. If you look through the nozzle it’s just a clear shot and no reductions in pipe. You get more pressure from a garden hose nozzle.

Final Words

JetNozzle is legit, but the pressure depends on your water supply, so don’t expect a miracle. For some, it works as well as a plug-in electric pressure washer, so the only complaint is the valve.

Buy this if you need a quick, light-duty tool with higher pressure. Otherwise, look for a pressure washer that suits your needs better.

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