Missacc.com Dresses is another bait & switch Scam

Missacc.com is an unreliable website that advertise dresses but end up sending something completely different in style and color. The fabric isn’t worth what you pay and they claim to have a return policy, but they don’t actually honor it.

While the website appears legit and the clothes look cute, it smelled like a scam from the minute I placed the order. Lots of people including me have experienced the return hassle on this website and to be honest it was not pretty. Here is my experience as well complaints from other customers.


Missacc is an online store selling lots of dresses like prom wears, wedding gowns, cocktail gowns, shoes and lots more. They claim to have over 700 plus styles and 50 plus colors available on their website.

Just like you, I was drawn to this website after seeing reviews on TikTok and decided to try them out.

My Experience Shopping From Missac.com

I ordered a dress from Missacc that was supposed to be chiffon, but what I got was satin on the outside and chiffon inside, like it was made inside out. There’s a big difference between satin and chiffon! I reached out to them twice but got no reply, so I had to open a dispute with PayPal.

Finally, I heard back from someone named Amaris at Missacc. They asked for pictures of the dress and the return policy from their website. But instead of offering a refund, Amaris claimed the dress was made of “satin chiffon” (insert eye roll here) and tried to make me keep it. They offered a 40% coupon for a new dress and a $30 refund to ship the dress back to China. Shipping it would cost over $300! After more back-and-forth with Amaris and still no refund, I had to escalate the dispute with PayPal. I’d think twice before buying anything from this company.

Red Flag #1

First of all they sell knockoff dresses. What I received were low-quality, different material, and looks nothing like the picture.

Red Flag #2

The 14days return policy is a scam. If you need to return or exchange any item, They never pick up the phone at customer service. They only thing they do is keep you waiting without a return address or shipping label until it’s too late, and then they’ll stop answering your messages.

Red Flag #3

They’re based in Hong Kong and shipping back to them costs a lot, and they won’t pay for it. They’ll try to persuade you to keep the order by offering small discounts. They’ll even make you measure the clothes and check shipping costs at the post office, all just to keep you from returning it.

Red Flag #4

The clothing store have tons of negative review on Reddit, BBB and other review websites. Some of the complaints have to do with horrible design, untidy seams, crooked bra cups, and sizing issues. See a handful of such reviews below –

My dress came today and it is so horrible, I can’t even express how disappointed I am. Nothing like the picture on their website at all. The dress has two seams which you can see from the bust to mid length of the dress. Same seams shown in back. The built in cups are crooked and can’t be moved at all. Please never buy from this scam company based in Hong Kong.

Do not buy with missac. The dress that I bought was so stiff and ugly. Nothing like the pictures. U cannot return they play games with you when returning saying it’s expensive to return in a hongkong address that I have to pay for clearance tax. They reply every 2-3 days. The ending this is fake store.deceiving ad that easy return in 14 days. It’s fake

The Bottom Line

Just like Rosyday.co.uk, Missac.com is an unreliable online clothing store that engages in bait and switch scam. They steal off images from legit designers and create cheap imitations that look like nothing displayed on their website. Their discount codes are a scam. They seem to work when you’re checking out, but once you pay, the discount magically disappears, and you end up paying full price. When you manage to talk to someone, they refuse to refund the difference. Instead, they give you another useless discount code for future purchases. Beware!

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