Deceit Exposed: Scam Clothing Store! is a fraudulent online store that lures customers in with fake photos of dresses and leggings for sale. When you order, they send out fake automated response emails with fake tracking numbers and refuse to refund your money.

We’ve seen similar fraudulent stores like Bed bath beyond scam, scam store rip customers of their hard earned money and is no different.

They charge so cheap for items so that people will actually buy but they never fulfill the orders. They first grab your attention through TikTok and entice you with wide variety of items. I discovered fake customer reviews on a website called Loox.oi, these reviews are overly positive compared to the 1 star rating I saw on Trustpilot. Obviously this company is manufacturing reviews to convince buyers.

Customer Review

I bought four jumpsuit sets from a website called 411Glam, Girlluxe and now Malla fashion. They gave me a tracking number, but instead of getting my jumpsuits, I got a single earring hook in a little bag from a warehouse in New Jersey. The tracking info said my package was delivered in “Upper Marlboro, Maryland” (and they even spelled “Maryland” wrong), but I’m in New Jersey.

I emailed the company with proof of the messed-up tracking info, and they replied from an email called ‘411glam’. I didn’t get anywhere with them, so I had to dispute it with my bank. Now, they’re telling me to wait for a refund, but I’ve seen videos of other people having the same problem.

Is a Scam?

Yes, it’s a polished scam. Formerly known as Girluxe, they never actually send out the product you order. You’ll only get a generic response from what seems like a robot, making it seem like they’re fixing the issue, but they’re not.

Red Flags

  1. Orders Vanishing: Many people pay but never get their orders.
  2. Poor Quality Products: Some people get cheap knock-offs that don’t match what was advertised.
  3. Used and Broken Items: There are reports of getting items that look used, damaged, or messed with.
  4. Wrong Products: Some orders arrive with completely different items than what was actually ordered. They’re not even close.
  5. Data Collection: On top of all this, is collecting a ton of personal and financial info at checkout. This could put you at risk for things like identity theft or credit card fraud.

How To Avoid Online Store Scams In 2024

  1. Be wary of unbelievable deals.
  2. Use credit cards for safer transactions.
  3. Checkout as a guest to avoid saving personal info.
  4. Use different passwords for each account.
  5. Research new websites before purchasing.
  6. Set up alerts for suspicious activity.
  7. Consider using fraud protection services.

Bottom Line

Steer clear of it is not a legit website and we do not recommend it to our readers. They are deceptive and have changed their names a lot of times after getting hundreds of negative reviews from angry customers.  If you bought something from with your credit card, there’s a good chance you can get your money back through a bank chargeback.

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