I Tested Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil For 4 Weeks: What I Love & Hate

I kept seeing Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil all over TikTok. People were saying it’s the best hair treatment out there, and the owner claims she got her hair back using just this oil. But not every hair loss treatment is legit.

I bought this to use as a scalp oil because I’ve been having issues with my scalp feeling itchy and breaking out for the past few months, but it wasn’t severe enough for my dermatologist to have anything to say about it. 

Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil
Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil

About The Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil

The Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil claims to make the hair grow, stop it from falling, and make it look nice. The description on the label reads ‘ dermatologist tested’ natural hair growth oil that makes hair grow thicker, denser and fuller’. it’s said to be cruelty free and also free from sulfate and parabens.

Why I Chose This Hair Oil

After reading many positive reviews, I decided to try this oil as part of my new hair regimen, which I started in February to promote growth. I have short salt-and-pepper hair (mostly gray), with a 4b texture. My hair is natural, with thinning edges and scarring CCCA on my crown. Although I know my crown won’t fully recover, I still use the oil daily in that area since there’s some hair left. My main focus is on my edges.

My Experience So Far

I bought my first bottle on March 28, and it’s nearly empty now. I have noticed my edges slowly filling in, which is promising! There’s also a little growth on the top of my scalp, which makes me happy for now. I apply the oil to my entire scalp.

Benefits for Low Porosity Hair

My hair is low porosity, and the gray hair makes it even more challenging. I love that this oil absorbs well into my scalp, smells pleasant, and works nicely with my TGIN moisturizer, which I apply right after the oil. I use a different product to manage my ends on wash days, so I don’t use this oil for that purpose.

Adding to My Routine

I’ve added this oil to my subscribe-and-save list and am excited to see more progress in the coming weeks and months.

How To Use For Best Results

The way I use this oil is I put it in the roots of my hair about half an hour before I take a shower and wash it out. I do this once a week and I’ve only used it twice so far but my scalp definitely feels less irritated.

I use it at night and sleep with it in on weekdays and use it as a pre shower mask on the weekends. It has a strong smell and is definitely greasy, so I don’t use it without washing it out before going out. Sometimes I use it straight onto my scalp and sometimes I use it in a small water bottle and spray it on.

Reasons Why I Like

  1. Smells really great
  2. Works for hair shedding
  3. Smells good and makes my hair more manageable

Reasons Not To Like

  1. it’s non returnable product
  2. Smells too strong

Does The Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil

The oil does work, but it’s not as strong as something like 5% minoxidil. With minoxidil, you’d apply it twice a day. Once you stop using the oil, your hair loss might start up again. Using this product for growth, and while I don’t notice any progress yet (1 month) I’m still holding out hope. Like any oil beauty product, be careful not to get this on your facial skin

Reviews From Customers

Many people who have bought this product are happy about the outcome. Many of them have shared the outcome on review websites like Amazon, some of them include:

I watched so many videos on TikTok and I thought about to order I using few drops of rosemary add some castor oil and virgin coconut oil. Using twice a week on my daughter’s hair and myself. I can see hair growth on my little one because her hair was short she one year old. You can leave on hair whole night as well didn’t feel any strong smell or stickiness. I loved it.

I always had severe problem with hairfall and have been in search of a good hair oil since forever. Spent tons of money on useless products but nothing ever seemed to have worked. Until I found this small bottle of magic potion. Within first 6months of starting to use of this oil , there was visible reduction on my hair fall. And knock wood, my hair quality has never been better. It grew in length , no split ends anymore. I have been using this for almost two years now. Its total value for money. Love it 

Good scalp oil I’m starting once to twice a week massaging into scalp and putting deep conditioner on ends leave in for 3 hours or so hairs growing and super soft

Final Words

Finally, i don’t think Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil is a scam because some people do see results with the ingredients, but not everyone. If you have severe hair loss like I do, don’t expect too much from it. For me it took up to 2 months to notice any hair growth at all.

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