Before You Buy the Viral Waist Whisper: Read This Review First

Have you seen the viral Waist Whisper on TikTok and wondered if it’s worth trying? You’re not alone. I stumbled upon it on social media too and thought it might be worth a shot. I noticed some influencers were promoting it, and there were extra workout videos on Instagram. So, I decided to buy it, although I thought it was a bit pricey for just a twisting disc.

In this review, ill share my experience and some comments from people who have bought this device to help you make an informed decision.

Waist Whisper
Waist Whisper

What is the Waist Whisper Disc?

The Waist Whisper, also called the waist turntable, is an excersie disc that claims to help improve your posture, stability, and reduce waist fat. It claims to be a useful tool for staying energetic, slim, and healthy. Additionally, it is marketed as a fitness gift for friends and family. The device is supposed to target different body areas such as your chest, arms, waist, abdomen, hips, and legs.

My Experience with Waist Whisper

I saw an ad for Waist Whisper on Facebook and, unfortunately, believed the positive comments that were likely paid for. I decided to buy it from their official website, It took three weeks for the item to arrive.

When it finally did, I was disappointed right away. The packaging was just a bubble wrap envelope, and the product itself was flimsy and cheap. After using it for just 5 minutes, the ball bearings inside came loose. It didn’t even have the product logo on it, just a cheap “waist twisting disk” sticker. It was definitely not as advertised on the website.

Is Waist Whisper Worth The Buy

No. People who bought it say it’s too small to stand or balance on and it’s definitely not good for people with disabilities. Plus, the company keeps deleting negative comments on Facebook. You can get a similar product for much cheaper elsewhere. It’s clunky and not smooth to use. Even the discounted price isn’t worth it, and they won’t take it back if you bought it on sale. Overall, it seems like a bad deal.

Why Do People Feel It’s A Scam?

The company claims to be based in the UK but they’re actually based in China! There is no money back guarantee, despite advertising this. The lifetime and postal guarantee is a con. When I tried to return mine they told me it will cost more to ship back to China than I’ll get back in refund. Yet they claim to ship from the UK and have a UK email address! This is clearly a lie. Infact some people have called them out on trustpilot to be a scam

My partner purchased body shaping disc for £24.99 , what arrived was a flimsy plastic disk badly packaged, I sent an email requesting a refund and a return address, they ignored my email until their 30 day warranty expired then responded it was out of warranty and was now second hand! They are scammers and not a credible company avoid!!
They advertise on social media to con people with their overpriced gimmicks their needs to be more buyer protection from these thieves.

“Scam, avoid. They either don’t send the goods at all or, if they do, it’s very poor quality and unusable. The website is a mess: no contact info, no company details, and full of typos. They lie about being in the UK. The only thing in the UK is the bank account where you send your money. Avoid.”

Took long time to come when it arrived there was a bit missing. Emailed company they wanted photos sent those haven’t heard from them since. If I had known it was coming from China wouldn’t have bothered. Its false advertising to say its from the UK.

Based on this, it’s clear the website is untrustworthy, and you should be cautious.

Do They Offer Refunds

No, they have a customer service that is terrible. They claim to have a hassle-free money-back guarantee, but that’s not true. When I asked for a refund, they offered me only 20% back and said I could keep the product because returning it would cost more than the product itself.

Beware of The Waist Whisper

Waist Whisper seems like a scam. It’s not even from the UK as they claim, but from China. Once you order it, returning it is too costly. Save your money and buy from Temu instead; they offer the same product without the hassle.

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