Avoid Tawkify: It’s Not What It Seems Not Worth the Money

I chose Tawkify because I thought it would help me find dates more efficiently. However, after this experience, I realized I can do much better on my own. I travel a lot and recently moved to a new city, so I don’t have much time to find dates. Plus, I’m not a fan of online dating.

My first thought about Tawkify was that it’s expensive. I wondered, “Would I like to find a romantic relationship?” Of course, my answer was yes. Now, having gone through the process, I would advise anyone to check reviews and make a common-sense decision. Is spending $1,000 per date my idea of a good time? Frankly, I was conned. Here’s my experience.

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Tawkify: Is It Really Worth It?

Tawkify is a modern matchmaking service that combines human matchmakers with an algorithm to find matches. Their website claims they have over 1 million members, but their matchmakers are not local.

How It Works

Tawkify claims to introduce you to women looking for relationships, but many profiles are fake. They use attractive photos to lure you in, but those women aren’t actually looking for anything serious.

The real matches they offer are usually not appealing. Tawkify makes a lot of money by taking advantage of lonely people. It’s dishonest and disappointing. Be careful if you decide to use this service.

My Experience On Tawkify

On March 19, 2024, I spent $4,900 on a package of three dates with Tawkify matchmaking service, and it was a total waste of money. The matches they provided were terrible.

The first date didn’t meet two of my must-haves: wanting children and having a stable job. The second date asked if I did drugs (a huge red flag) and was against my religion, even though I told the matchmaker I didn’t want someone who does drugs and preferred someone with a similar religious belief. The third date was from a different country, which I had specifically asked to avoid, and he was rude and arrogant.

I don’t think the men in their dating pool are seriously looking for a long-term relationship. The guy from my second date even said he was contacted by a recruiter to join the pool, which is misleading since Tawkify makes it seem like these men are genuinely looking for a committed partner.

Reviews From People Who Signed Up

Many people who signed up for this service didn’t like the results they got including me. Some testimonials from people who signed up include:

Complete waste of time and money. Simply, they have no skin in the game. There is no incentive for them to find a good match. I explicitly said that I’d rather wait for the right match than just run through my dates. In hindsight, it became clear that they were more interested in getting my money and name off their “to do” list. Nice and kind on the outside, scam on the inside.

Tawkify do a great job at getting to understand you, your personality, and what you seek in a significant other. My matchmaker Jaimie Johnson is super relatable and almost like a friend, very kindhearted and gives great tips. I’m looking forward to the rest of my dating journey with tawkify.

While he was nice, he just wasn’t for me. He was clearly not in good shape, and he also isn’t really in healthcare. He’s a biller, albeit for a healthcare institution.I work out and would like to be with someone who also does.

Tawkify: Not Worth the High Price

Tawkify charges a lot for blind dates, but my experience was disappointing. The dating pool is very small and doesn’t have many members. Their pricing is outrageous and likely a waste of money. The company claims you get a personal matchmaker who picks the best match for you, but there’s no guarantee of success.

Years ago, I spent a lot of money on a similar site that promised a personal matchmaker. They showed me tons of photos of single women and assured me I could pick anyone I was interested in. Most of the photos were of white women, with very few people of color. They pushed a particular woman on me, saying she had a great personality and would be a good match. I got her number, called her, and set up a date.

What You Need To Know About This Matchmaking Agency

Tawkify says they have over 75,000 members, but many people have bad experiences and have shared it on bbb, Trustpilot and . Here’s why you shouldn’t use this service:

  1. Refunds Aren’t Real: They say you can get your money back, but if they give you any matches, you can’t get a refund.
  2. Unfair Payments: They claim both men and women pay, but they let any woman join for free.
  3. Bad Matches: They don’t care about your preferences and just match you with anyone.
  4. Poor Matchmakers: The matchmakers aren’t good at their job. I had three different ones, and none were helpful.
  5. Low-Quality Matches: The women on Tawkify aren’t attractive or intelligent and often have a lot of personal issues.

Once they have your money, they don’t care about you. Even after many complaints, they just offered to extend the service. Don’t waste your money on Tawkify.

Final Words

Don’t use Tawkify. You get set up on blind dates without knowing anything about the person. You have to find them at a restaurant or bar, and often, you have nothing in common. They pick people at random, and they’re usually not attractive or someone you’d want to date. The disappointment is incredible, and you won’t get your money back. Tawkify doesn’t care who they set you up with; they just want your money.

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