Massage Gun Scam on Amazon- Everything You Need To Know!

Did you order the free massage gun from CCCPC LLC seller on Amazon? Are you terrified of being charged $150 for the freebie? Do you think your credit card details or personal information is at risk? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about this scam.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc. for our reader’s financial safety.

CCCP LLC Scam – Fake Free Massage Gun Offer on Amazon

An Amazon seller who has been selling many fake items created a campaign that went viral on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This campaign promises free massage gun using the codes: WFM2Q5G4 and WI2NLH8Q.

This is where the scam comes in.

When people troop to the store to partake in this free massage gun offer they boost the products of the store to Top seller and search listings. It is called Brushing technique.

According to Wikipedia, Brushing consists of generating fake orders to boost the rating of a store. A seller can do this by paying someone a small amount to place a fake order, or just using another person’s information to place an order themselves. These fake orders, if unnoticed, can boost the seller’s rating, which can make it more likely that their items will appear at the top of search results on e-commerce sites.

Will You Receive Your Free Massage Gun?

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t.

The order will be canceled and never sent. However, the seller ( CCCP LLC) now has all your information. In the coming weeks you will receive spam messages, personalized Ads and recommended products.

Is Your Credit Card Details At Risk of being Hacked By This Seller?

Absolutely Not.

Amazon is the middle man between you and the seller. The escrow. When you buy something from Amazon, you pay directly to Amazon, no matter who the seller is.

They notify the seller someone has bought something and they have to accept, pack and ship the item. When it’s shipped, Amazon releases the money. It is Amazon that access to your credit card information, not the seller.

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