LumiWarm Portable Heater (2024): Another Scam Or The Real Deal? Unbiased Review

The LumiWarm Heater scam is just another version of a common trick where they push these $3 portable heaters from China as some groundbreaking heating marvel.

All the ads seem to follow the same script from the fake voices to the pictures and reviews on the website. Do yourself a favor and get a regular, trustworthy heater. Check out more tips on how to stay safe from these misleading and scammy ads like this one.

What Is The LumiWarm Heater

The LumiWarm heater is a cordless ceramic portable heater making bold claims about warming up a room within 60 seconds of use. Sadly, when we made further research, we discovered that these claims are not true but merely a poly to lure customers in.

Features of LumiWarm Heater

  1. Easy Controls for Everyone: The LumiWarm home heater is designed for everyone.
  2. Saves on Energy Costs: No need to stress about high energy bills with the LumiWarm.
  3. Safety control: It won’t overheat even if you keep it plugged in.
  4. Heats Up Quickly: It warms up your room to the right temperature.

Is The LumiWarm Heater A Scam Or The Real Deal

It is not a scam per say. We discovered that this the product doesn’t live up to any of the claims made, except for producing a bit of heat, and it comes at a cost similar to most other heaters like the Wellheater. Lots of people figure out they got scammed only after buying the heaters.

LumiWarm Heater Customer Reviews

After thorough research, We discovered lots of negative customer complaints on popular website like Trustpilot calling the ads out as misleading and fake. A customer complaint said “Scam, scam, scam, scam, scam and scam. Many scam companies ad’s and stuff almost always have the same layout, from the stupid voices, photoshopped picture and more in the ad’s to the fake reviews left on the website, it’s all the same as another scam ad I have seen before“. From this it is obvious this is yet another Chinese company peddling heaters just to rip people off, both for the item & electricity costs.

How The LumiWarm Heater Scam Works

1. Ads That Grab Your Attention on Social Media: They start by putting up those ads you see on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

2. Big Promises and Hurry Up Messages: In these ads, they promise big stuff like a “50% off deal,” saying it can warm up any room in just 2 minutes, and it’s going to save you a energy bills. They make it sound like you need to grab the deal right away.

3. Made-Up Reviews to Look Good: To make people trust them, they make use of reviews in the ads, saying how awesome the Alpha Heater is. But these reviews are often just made up to make you think it’s amazing.

4. Doesn’t Work as Promised: Upon investigation, we discovered that the Alpha Heater doesn’t really do what they say it does. It doesn’t warm up as fast as promised, and the savings on your bills aren’t that much.

5. Tricks to Get Attention: Their main trick is to get people all excited and make them click on the ads. They use flashy claims and discounts to grab your attention.

Can You Use LumiWarm Heater In Place Of Traditional Heaters

No, the LumiWarm should not be considered a replacement of the normal heater in the home. This space heater can only warm up a small section of your room.

Where To Buy LumiWarm Heater

You can buy the Lumiwarm heater from their official website They are currently running a 75% discount sales on their official website.

What To Do If Fall For The LumiWarm Portable Heater Scam

  1. Dispute the Charges ASAP: If you or someone you know got one of these LumiWarm Heaters and it’s not doing what it promised, call the credit card folks right away. Tell them it’s not what it looked like in the ads and ask for the money back.
  2. Get Proof: Take pictures or videos to show that the LumiWarm isn’t heating up the place like they said it would in the ads.
  3. Tell the Authorities: Report this shady business to places like the FTC, state attorney general, and RipOff Report. Let them know what’s going on.
  4. Spread the Word with Reviews: Share the experience with others. Write up bad reviews on websites like Trustpilot, and maybe even post on social media to let folks know what’s up.
  5. Go Higher with the Bank: If the credit card company doesn’t fix it with a chargeback, talk to the bank about it. Ask them to look at the evidence and help get the money back.


Finally, we do not recommend the Lumiwarm heater, if you fall for it, you might end up buying these heaters that cost too much and don’t really do what they promise. To steer clear of these scams, always check out the company, look at reviews on Trustpilot, and make sure it’s not a scam.


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