I Bought Wellheater: Is It a Scam? Here’s My Honest Review

Did you come across the viral Wellheater making waves on social media platforms as a cost efficient heater for your needs. I also did, in this review, I’ll share my experience buying and installing this heater in my home. First of all, this is not a Sponsored post, but a genuine consumer report.

Overview Of Wellheater

Wellheater is a cordless portable heater that claims to help heat up a room in few minutes, hereby saving you energy bills. The heater has an auto shut-off feature and you get to choose your preferred temperature in the settings. The manufacturers claim it can heat up the room from 60 degrees to 90 degrees and it runs silently. But does it work?

What Wellheater offers

  • Small And Portable
  • Easy To Use
  • Available Everywhere
  • Complete Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Saves energy bills

My Experience Using Wellheater Portable Heater

I came across Wellheater Ads online which claimed an American student invented this cost effective heating solution. Curious about the promise of zero energy consumption, I decided to place an order from their official website wellheater.com. It arrived nearly a week later, all the way from China.

Followed the instructions, and started use. On first use, I noticed the heat was weak, it does not really warm up the entire room, but just the small area surrounding the table were I placed it. The most annoying thing is that, it consumes the same amount of electricity as my other small heater, though the Ads online claim “virtually zero cost to warm your home”.

Interestingly, barely 3 weeks later, it broke down, and refused to produce any heat whatsoever. I sent an email to their customer support via “[email protected]” and asked for it to be returned, they state that they do not supply return notes and offered me a 50% discount. A total waste of my money.

Does Wellheater Work as Advertised?

No, it does work as advertised. It does not warm up to 650 square feet as claimed by the Ads, but way lesser, around 100 – 50 square feet.

 Meanwhile the claim that is consumes less electricity compared to similar sizes is sham, all resistance-based electric heaters consume the same amount of power to generate the same amount of heat.

Wellheater Pros: What I Like About This Portable Heater

  • It is portable
  • Works in very small spaces

Wellheater Cons: What I Do Not Like

  • Does not warm up a room
  • It’s sold with deceptive advertising
  • The 30 days money back guarantee is false
  • My Wellheater broke down and stopped working after 3 weeks

Where To Buy

If you’re considering buying a portable heater like Wellheater I advise you buy unbranded ones on Aliexpress as they are more cheaper, and works the same. Whereas wellheater.com sells theirs for $49.99, you can get the exact make on Aliexpress or Amazon for below $15.

Is Wellheater A Scam?

From my experience, I do believe that the Wellheater is a scam, sold with false advertising. It is another product by a Lithuania based company called UAB Commerce Core. They make use of totally fake YouTube ads and Google ads to sell low quality generic products at hugely inflated prices.

The company wellheater.com is running the same ad in America and England stating that an American student invented the heater same story in England but an English student invented same heater this must be a miracle to be invented at same time both with same story line they are total rip off merchants.

Also there are a bunch of copycat retailers out there selling this heater. It’s a tiny ceramic fan heater worth no more than £10, they probably pay around £4 each for them.

What You Must Know Before Buying The Well Heater

Does Not Work As Advertised

The heater does not work, i plugged it in and waited few minutes for it to take action but was totally disappointed. You get the heat you pay for, so if a heater is 500w it’s not going to heat 650 square feet or even 150 square feet.

Misleading Info

The same company UAB Commerce Core sell the same products under various brand names using the same misleading ads and websites with hugely inflated prices – the Ecofusion heater is also called the Alpha heater, Airheater, and the Ecowell heater – all just the same cheap generic Chinese made heater that is sold on AliExpress and Amazon for £5 to £10.

Fake Independent Reviews

They also use sites posing as independent consumer review sites with names like topverified review and topconsumer review which are actually owned by the seller of Wellheater, UAB CommerceCore, Lithuania to market this heater.

Customer Complaints

There are negative customer complaints concerning the product on Trustpilot. A customer said

if you buy a wellheater what you will get is a handy heater that is a peace of junk, dont buy.


Fake Ratings

The company makes use of fake Trustpilot logo making it seem like they have a TrustScore of 4.7 | 8257 Customer Reviews but it’s actually made up to get customers to trust the brand.

Generic Products

Many of the heaters look exactly the same as the various heaters sold online on Ebay, Amazon and various online retail sites.

How Long Does Wellheater Take To Heat Up A Room?

It claims to take few minutes to heat up when plugged in. However, in reality it takes very much longer than that. And even at that, the heat is weak.

Customer Service

You can reach out to their customer service via 3 methods Send Us An Email, 24/7 Live Chat, +1 (202) 839-9001. They offer a 30 days return policy but the product must be in the original condition.

How To Use

  1. Plug the heater into any socket and choose your desired temperature.
  2. Allow the heater to reach the temperature in just a minute.
  3. Then you can enjoy.


The Well Heater does not work as advertised, it wasn’t able to keep the entire room warm, just the small area surrounding it. It is sold with misleading info, made with unsafe design, and questionable quality. As a result of this, I do not recommend buying it.

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