Ecofusion Heater Review: Don’t Get Scammed By This Fake Product

Were you lured by the 50% discount offer on Portable heater by Is the EcoFusion portable heater really worth buying or is it a waste of money? Here’s my honest user review. I fell for the numerous Getecofusion YouTube Ads and ended up making a purchase. In this review, I share my experience using the EcoFusion portable heater by, its pros, cons, and everything you should expect.


Ecofusion Heater – What Is It?

The Ecofusion heater sold on promises to use less energy, is cost-effective, heats up in under a minute, and is user-friendly. It is a cordless  plug in home heater that is user-friendly and can be easily operated by anyone using a remote control. To make it work, you simply plug it in, adjust the intensity to your liking using the remote, and enjoy the warmth it provides.

What the Ecofusion offers

  1. Heats Up Fast: Claims to heat up in just 5 minutes.
  2. Safe and Sound: It’s got a safety cooling system in case someone removes it.
  3. Move It Anywhere: If you need warmth in different spots you can move it around.

Unboxing an Testing The Ecofusion Heater – My Experience

I came across a YouTube ad on Ecofusion Heater and saw this 50% discount on their official website, Took the bait, ordered the portable heater, and waited. Two weeks later, it comes in from China. Placed it in my bedroom, did all the setup jazz they said to do, and then disappointment hits. This thing didn’t warm up my room in a minute – more like blew some hot air, and when you get close, you hear this hum.

That whole Forbes endorsement on their website is false advertising. Total waste of my hard-earned cash, and now I’m stuck with this glorified hot air blower.

Does The Ecofusion Portable Heater Work?

It does not really work as advertised. It did not heat up my room under 1 minute and apparently 900w does not in anyway help me save electricity bills. Also the heater is just another generic camp heater sold for far lesser price on eBay and Alibaba. The background story about being invented by Jason – a child prodigy – is totally false and pure sales gimmick.

Is The EcoFusion Heater A Scam? The Truth about this Plug-in Heater

Fake Return Policy

The website claims if you’re not thrilled with your purchase, you can send it back within 30 days of getting it. However, when I contacted them for returns and refund, my request was ignored.

Not So Hot Performance

This so-called magical plug-in heater is not as impressive as it claims. It’s pricey, doesn’t give off much heat and more of an under powered fan heater using expensive daytime electricity.

Dubious Electricity Bill Savings:

Despite claims of being a money-saver, a 900W plug-in heater doesn’t seem like it would work wonders on your electricity bill. The promise might be too good to be true.

Questionable Half-Price Offer

Be wary of the flashy “HALF PRICE £49.99” deal. Similar gadgets are available on eBay and Aliexpress for under £20, making the offer seem fishy.

Generic Chinese Look-alike:

Upon closer inspection, i realized that this product appears similar to generic Chinese versions found online. Is it just a fancy cover-up for a basic gadget with a hefty price tag.

False Claims Of Endorsement

Eco fusion claims to be endorsed by Forbes, THEVERGE, TechRadar, FOX, GIZMODO. These claims are actually false and not verifiable.

How To Use

Follow these steps to install

  1. Plug: Plug in your EcoFusion heater.
  2. Flip the Switch: Hit the power button on the control panel up top. It’s like turning on a light switch
  3. Adjust the Heat: Use the temperature control to set it just right for your comfort.
  4. Set the Timer: Use the timer feature if you want your warmth on a schedule. Heater Pros:

  • It is portable

EcoFusion Cons: What I Hate Abut This Portable Heater

  • Doesn’t live up to the promise of heating up a room in a minute.
  • Produces more of a hot air blow than effective heating.
  • Questionable endorsements.
  • Potentially misleading advertising.
  • Priced higher than expected for the performance.

Is The EcoFusion Heater Noisy?

No it’s not. It has a humming sound not loud enough to bother your nap.


Just like the hot amigo heater, EcoFusion heater by does not work as advertised. It doesn’t warm up the entire room but just a tiny space surrounding it. It’s more like an overpriced, underpowered fan heater that slurps up my pricey daytime electricity.

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