Want to Buy Helio Air Broom? Don’t Miss This Details

Are you considering buying Helio Air Broom As Seen on Tv which is being advertised on TV and TikTok? Does this lightweight broom really leave nothing behind or would it do a terrible job at removing pet hairs & dirts?

To answer this question, we’ll have to evaluate the components of this broom, as well as its features.

We’ll also share some Helio Air Broom reviews so that you can get an idea of what customers really think of this product. 

A Close Look at Helio Air Broom

As Seen TV Helio Air Broom is a cleaning tool that removes dirt and pet hair from all kinds surfaces. The components of this broom include; Lift & Grip ultra-flex blade and a telescopic handle which is lightweight. The blade is said to be flexible and carries all dirt along whether wet or dry without leaving residue. The Helio Air Broom also boasts of a telescopic handle which converts to a squeeze.

Here’s why this broom has met lots of success;

  • Its sleek slim frame gets under appliances (like refrigerators, ovens) and under furniture
  • Gathers pet hairs on carpet and couch easily
  • It is sanitary – washes & wipes clean unlike bristle brooms.
  • Very lightweight

Is This Broom Good For All Floors?

Most brooms made with plastic leave marks and scratches behind, but Helio Air Broom’s Ultra flex blade glides through all kinds of surfaces; floors, mirrors, carpet, hardwood, laminate, etc.

Is Helio Air Broom Overpriced?

With a price tag of $29.99, one can say it is priced significantly higher than its competitors, however we don’t consider it to be overpriced, because we consider its functionality. Especially as it comes with a; Dust Pan and mini Helio Air Broom.

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Real Reviews

Being a new product there aren’t many independent user reviews of Helio Air Broom. A Blogger named “Dan” reviewed Helio Air Broom:

I got the Helio Air Broom to see what all the hype was about. Honestly, I should have trusted my instincts and not spent my money on it. The broom doesn’t really sweep well; it’s more like a fancy broom that I ended up using mostly to swat insects. I regret buying it because it’s not effective and quite fragile. I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you have a big apartment like mine. Maybe it could be useful in a smaller space, but I’m not sure.

However, he doesn’t share videos or images of him using the broom, so his review is questionable.

Where To Buy

Helio Air Broom is available for sale on the brand’s official website ‘helioairbroom.com’. It’s not yet available on Amazon.com and other retail stores. The website offers a 30 days money back guarantee. A $12 surcharge is added for orders sent to Hawaii and Alaska.

Pros and Cons


  1. The broom works on all surfaces without leaving scratches or marks
  2. It’s light weight and easy to handle
  3. Can sweep under furniture, appliance and corners.


  1. Very thin broom handle – might break easily
  2. Only available on the official website

How To Contact Customer Service

Any issues pertaining to delivery or refund are resolved via customer service at +1-866-518-6164 or email [email protected].


Helio Air Broom proves to be an effective cleaning tool for all kinds of floors. Its Ultra flex blade makes it effective in cleaning without leaving residue behind. It glides through wet or dry dirts, pets hair, waste, etc without scratching the floor.

However, we question its durability as its lightweight feature makes the broom handle easy to break. For better use, do not apply force.


Independent Helio Broom Review

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