Does Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray Work Or Another Fad? Here Is A Customer Review

Mosquitoes are annoying and can make us sick. With the rise of these insects, many repellant sprays have flooded the market one of such popular products is the Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray. Do you want to buy it? I tried this bracelet on my trip to Bahamas and this is my review.

Overview Of The Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray

The Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray claims to be a deet free spray that acts as a mosquitoes and bug repellent just like Pestects. it claims to last for a period of 2 to 3 hours. The Bug spray is designed to be both safe and effective, and it even smells good for social occasions. It has six common ingredients, like citronella oil, lemongrass, clove, and vanillin, plus water.

My Experience Using the Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Spray

So, here’s the deal: I’m one of those unlucky folks who always seem to attract mosquitoes. And trust me, it’s no fun because I have such a crazy reaction to their bites that I often end up at the doctor’s office. So, when I heard about these Kinfield mosquito wipes, I thought, “Why not give them a shot?” I mean, I really hate slathering myself in Deet and worrying about what it does to my skin. So, before my trip to the Bahamas, I pre-ordered them on Amazon.

First things first, I had to do a patch test just to be safe, and that’s a good practice. But when it comes to using them, I found a couple of things that didn’t quite hit the mark. There’s no continuous spray mode, which means I have to keep spraying multiple times to feel completely covered. Also, the scent of the bug spray, while not that chemically awful smell you get from traditional bug sprays, is pretty strong. You definitely want to do your spraying outdoors. And while I appreciate the eco-friendly push-pop packaging for the anti-itch balm (no plastic waste!), I couldn’t help but feel that the whole thing was a tad pricey.


  • I’m prone to severe mosquito reactions, so I was eager to try these.
  • No more Deet worries, which is a relief.
  • Pre-ordered them before my Bahamas trip.


  • Had to do a patch test, but that’s responsible.
  • No continuous spray, so I had to keep spraying.
  • Bug spray scent is strong, best for outdoor use.
  • The anti-itch balm’s push-pop packaging is unique, and eco-friendly, but I found it a bit pricey.

Is It a Scam? Customer Reports

No, its not a total scam but then it has a pretty strong smell enough to make you cough and may not be a better option compared to deet. A customer report on Reddit said

I bought this last summer during my desperate attempts to keep mosquitos away from me. Let me tell you the smell is STRONG. Like I sprayed a few sprays at an outdoor movie theater and the employees were coughing asking what that scent is. I don’t think i would repurchase because of the strong scent but it worked pretty good.


Where To Buy

You can buy this bug spray from Amazon and also from their official website. Currently you can save $20 with their shark tank bundle discount going on at


In conclusion, the Kinefield bug spray claims to help repel mosquitoes, the bug spray worked well but had a really strong smell, making me unsure if I’d buy it again.


  1. Does it work well against mosquitoes?
    • Yes, it can keep mosquitoes away.
  2. Can I find it on Amazon?
    • Yes, you can often find it for sale on Amazon.
  3. Is there a store near me where I can buy it?
    • Yesyou can see it in few stores, but you can check Kinfield’s website or online retailers.
  4. Is Kinfield Bug Spray Deet-free?
    • Yes, it’s formulated to be Deet-free for a safer option.

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