Lifewave Reviews: Why I REGRET Buying Lifewave X39 Patches

Does the Lifewave X39 Patch live up to the hype or another fad? I tried this patch for 7 days after i saw customer reviews online. Here is my unbiased review of this patch sticker.

What Is The Lifewave X39 Patch

The X39 Patch is made by a company called Lifewave. It is a small sticker for your skin to expose it to specific light waves. They company claims that the light wave boosts the stem cells in your body. These stem cells are like the body’s natural repair team. They help with all sorts of stuff, like healing wounds, managing pain, and even making your skin look better. But does it really work?

My 7Days Experience Using the Lifewave X39 Patches

It is supposed to be this magical patch, but honestly, it feels like slapping on a perfumed band-aid. I’m thinking, maybe I should’ve just stuck to taking my vitamins and staying hydrated because that seemed to do more for me.

What struck me as odd was their claim of selling products under “conservative values.” It made me wonder about the whole supplement industry. Most of these supplements can actually be prescribed by your doctor for free, or you might not even need them in the first place. And let’s not forget about the placebo effect – that’s real too.

Now, here’s the kicker: after realizing that this patch wasn’t the miracle I hoped for, I reached out to their customer service for a refund. It’s been a whopping 10 days, and I’m still waiting. I don’t know about you, but this kind of service – or lack thereof – just adds to the skepticism surrounding these products. So, note to self and anyone reading this: think twice before diving into the world of “miracle” supplements and always be wary of those promising quick fixes.


  • The idea of a pain-relief patch was appealing.
  • Their website had quite the sales pitch, making it seem like a game-changer.
  • It’s positioned as a product with “conservative values,” which could resonate with some buyers.


  • The stem cell activation patch turned out to be quite disappointing, offering no more relief than vitamins and hydration.
  • The claims seemed exaggerated, and I couldn’t help but wonder about the supplement industry as a whole.
  • Many similar products, I later discovered, could be prescribed by a doctor for free or might not even be necessary.
  • It felt like a placebo effect, and I wasn’t sure if it was actually doing anything.
  • To top it off, when I tried to get a refund, their customer service took forever, with no resolution even after 10 days.

Does Lifewave Stem Patches Work Or Another Scam?

Yep it’s a total flop. The patch isn’t meant to treat any specific disease, also it is not listed in the list of approved stem cell treatment by FDA. Customer complaints on Trustpilot have reported different issues ranging from the fact that the patch didn’t deliver the promises it made.

One important thing to note: If you use it wrong, like not putting it in the right place, it could cause problems. There have been reports of increased pain and skin irritation when folks didn’t use it correctly you need to follow the instructions on the patch. Also, Back in 2004, a company called MK Systems, Inc. (let’s call them “MK”) sued two folks named David Schmidt and a company called Life Wave Products, L.L.C. MK had three complaints:

  1. They said David Schmidt and LifeWave tricked them (fraud).
  2. Claimed LifeWave didn’t follow a contract they had.
  3. They accused both David Schmidt and LifeWave of not following the rules of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and MK wants them to stop making certain stuff until they follow the FDA rules.

Side Effects

There’s been a report of someone having trouble with the X39 Patch because they didn’t use it right. They had more pain because of a neurological issue. They had to take more medicine to feel better.

A few other people had problems with their skin getting irritated or having rashes as a rseult of the ingredients. But, besides that, most people seem to be okay when they use it the right way.

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In conclusion, the Lifewave X39 Patch is supposed to help with stuff like wound healing, pain, and energy. Some folks say it works, but it’s not a sure thing for everyone. So, if you’re thinking about trying it, just remember it’s not a magic fix.


  1. How do I use the Lifewave X39 Patch?
    • Stick one patch on clean, dry skin in the morning for up to 12 hours. Stay hydrated.
  2. Can I use the X39 Patch on my dogs or pets?
    • No, it’s only for people, not pets.
  3. Is the Lifewave X39 Patch FDA-approved?
    • FDA rules are still in the works, but you can use it.
  4. Do stem patches really work?
    • Some say yes, but results vary.
  5. What do stem patches do?
    • They try to boost your body’s natural stem cells for pain, energy, skin, and recovery, but it’s not a guarantee.

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