Huusk Knife Review: Real Japanese Knives or Scam? Find Out!

Forget whatever you’ve watched or read about Huusk Knives. The reviews and commercial are totally BS. Huusk is far from being a handmade Japanese knife.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the design looks like the everyday Japanese knife we see in Asian movies and YouTube vlogs. But forget that, we all know looks can be deceptive.

First of all, there’s nothing special about the Huusk Knives as you were made to believe. The Ad is just pure sales tactic. The Huusk video suggests the steel is processed using the ‘Damascus’ steel process. This is not the case as there is no Damascus pattern on the knife blade surfaces.

Moreover, no genuine hand forged knife is available for less than $30.

Should You Be Concerned About Huusk Knives?

The answer to that question is Yes. Though appear to be a legitimate site, below are reasons why you should think twice before buying the Huusk knife–

Not Made in Japan

The Ad commercial and reviews online are misleading. Huusk Knives are not made in Japan. The Huusk Knives come in a box that clearly says ‘Made in China’. Moreover, the name Huusk is not Japanese. This combination of sounds doesn’t exist in Japanese.

Shipping & Delivery

One of the major problems people had when they ordered the ‘Huusk Japan Knife’ is the delay in shipping and delivery. Many people had to wait for up to a month before their order arrived, while some were lucky as it arrived in just two weeks. So if you need the knife urgently, you need to exercise patience.


The Ad shows a heated knife slicing through some item, but my Huusk knife failed rather miserably. The Huusk Knife looks like a fine specimen but it lacks one feature which is – Sharpness. You’d need to sharpen the knife every day before using it as it take one hell of an effort to do some job. It’s only sharp for slicing paper.


It is been sold for extremely high prices. This exact Japanese looking knife is sold for far cheaper prices on Aliexpress, Alibaba, and even on Amazon, for as low as $4.

However, I only recommend Xinzuo. As it is one of the few Knife brands that delivered me consistent quality.

Customer Complaints

Lots of people who ordered the Huusk Knife have complained bitterly of receiving spam emails from the company. No matter how many times you unsubscribe you’d keep receiving emails. This is quite annoying and should be looked into by the company!

Is Huusk Knives Worth Your Money?

The biggest problem is the marketing and the price point, as the knife is sold for (4x and sometimes 10x higher and they charge shipping & handling cost for something they don’t even do themself like charging for shipping cost while shipping is free with the drop-shipper provider).
And because it is dependent on where the knives are sent from, mostly from China, the knife can take a while before it arrives at your doorsteps and, in some cases, get lost (as they will choose the cheapest shipping provider).

The knife itself is mostly decent, but not at the price point they (scam websites/drop shippers) charge you for.

As you look at the website from Huusk Japan, they are using a Famous Japanese blacksmith in their picture called: Itsuo Doi (土井逸夫氏) (the guy in blue on the Huusk Website).
This is a Japanese Blacksmith that specializes in hitting the blade. Believe me. There is no way he will make that kind of knife that Huusk is offering, especially not in that quantity.

The product is not the problem here but how Huusk is scamming people with photoshopped pictures and stolen pictures from famous Japanese blacksmiths. At the same time, the knife itself is not made in Japan (and charging 4x up to 10x with false advertising).

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  1. I got the knife after 2 months but I was not impressed at all. Went back to other knives I had been using earlier. No need to explain as it is not what they say it is. Buy from Amazon or Alibaba or where ever you want but not here. Over priced by 4 times + and still the same what you get anywhere else. Huusk is a fraud site using advertising expenditure to convince quality. Same stuff is available all over the net at less than 1 fourth the price.

  2. I read a lot of reviews and convinced this is a junk knife. Especially the price being slashed so much and offered on TV shows it. Am so glad honest reviews come from independent’s and not from the company typically using other names to endorse their product. Thank you sabireviews.

  3. I have a totally different experience. At first I think the knife is not sharp. It doesn’t cut through paper or tomatoes and doesn’t even feel that sharp. But when you slice beef or chicken it slices through beautifully like it’s butter. I also found the shape to be less like a “chefs knife” shape and more like a butchers knife. It arrived relatively quickly considering COVID delays and I’ve never had to sharpen it. Feels perfectly balanced in hand with comfortable handle. Too heavy for my magnetic knife rack though.

  4. Bought one very disappointed .Absolute cheap and nasty rubbish knife nothing to do with being Japanese you know where its made where all the other cheap rubbish is made. Dont waste money on these.Huusk is certainly fraud site any testamonials made are their own staff.

  5. The service really SUCKS!!!!….this is not a Japanese Knife… another junk from China. They advertised that is made in Japan, they also said that it ships from the USA and that they are in stock. It is not after you make the payment and began to be impatience about your order that you find out the truth…..that it is made and ships from China and that it will take a loooonnnnngggg time to arrive. Buy somewhere else and avoid the headache

  6. Absolutely terrible service from Huusk, bought one of these and it’s as heck have to sharpen it daily to use. Sure does not work like the commercial. Not made in Japan its clearly more Chinese junk with a huge mark up. BUYER BEWARE

  7. I fell victim to their ad as well. Got mine for $29USD. Took several weeks to receive (no biggie there). Once received, found it was made in P.R.C. NOT Japan. Company is headquartered in Lithuania. So, ‘Japanese’ knife, made in China sold by a company in Lithuania. Smells like a Drop Shipper to me. I contacted their customer service via email requesting a refund and return. They told me they’d do that but they’d charge me a 15% re-stocking fee. I told them I don’t want to support China in any way. I was not aware of the country of origin who I ordered it. Oh well, I guess I’ll keep it. At least I didn’t pay too much for it. Lesson learned. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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