Review: Does Hue Hearing Aid Work?

Should you buy the Hue hearing aid? or is it another scam meant to rip off elderly people? Read this review to find out!

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this product serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

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HueHearing – Is This Hearing Aid Worth It?

One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because unlike most hearing aids, it is quite affordable and almost invisible! Also, due to the ongoing flash Sales, instead of $109.97, it is been sold for $68.

Very affordable right?

Not to forget that it comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee, and the following perks-

  • Ready-to-wear with no fitting or hearing test required
  • Ultra-low prices
  • Cutting-edge digital technology
  • Small, medium, and large earbuds for ultimate comfort
  • Ideal for background noise reduction, masking tinnitus, improving TV/radio sound
  • Easy to remove
  • FDA-compliant
  • Free shipping

This looks like an easy buy, a quick steal. In fact, no one can resist the temptation of buying this super dope product!


Isn’t there something you’re missing? Doesn’t this look too good? or have your prayers been answered finally?

What You Should Know About HueHearing!

Though there are lots of positive reviews about this hearing aid, they are not telling you the exact truth about this product. Below are some of the things you should know before buying Huehearing aid.

Hue Hearing Complaints

We received a mail from someone who had purchased Hue hearing aid, and his experience with the company and product was far from satisfactory. This led us to search online for genuine customer reviews.

On Scamdoc and Reportscam, buyers have left a one star rating stating that the product does not work and that the 90 days money -back guarantee is just a sham.

A user has this to say-

This company preys on older people to try their hearing aids that don’t work. They offer a 90 day guarantee but do not answer their phones, intact it disconnects itself. They do not return emails. Total scam. Terrible people with bad karma headed their way!


Fake Customer Reviews

The positive reviews on the website are not real. When we did a plagiarism check on the website, we discovered that the images of happy customers have been used before by other hearing aids websites.

This is not new, most stores boost up their sales rate by using fake reviews. However it doesn’t mean that the product itself might not be real.

No Customer Support

One of the major complaints of customers is the inability to get in contact with the company. The company does not answer the phone calls, nor reply messages.

This should be seriously looked into!

The motto of every business, whether small or big is ‘Customers come first’. Why then is this company ignoring its customers?

Does Hue Hearing Aid Really Work?

Just like Audious hearing aid, the answer to the question is complicated.

What you should know is this ‘you might not be satisfied either with the product itself or the customer service’. Or you could be lucky and receive your dream hearing aid.

From customer reviews, this might not be an ideal hearing aid for you especially if you have such high expectations.

Is Hue Hearing A Hoax?

FTC has addressed the issue on this article here. The truth is that hearing aid scams are on the rise every day. When buying one you should look for a reliable seller and also genuine reviews.


  1. I placed an order in May I still have not received my order customer service does not answer emails this is the worst company out there I had to threaten with a lawyer to even get my money and still have not received that yet either my dad still don’t have his hearing aids and they don’t care its a scam DO NOT BUY HUE HEARING . And google is even worse for promoting such. After this I will be leaving a review on BBB

  2. It took almost 3 or 4 weeks to receive my “hearing aids”. They were little cheap plastic amplifiers. They only have one function- louder or softer. There is no adjustable clarification or background noise reducer as they claim. Customer service does not respond for refunds. Hint, you can find the same thing on Wish for 15 bucks. I have no doubt that the box it came in was more expensive than the amplifiers themself.

  3. I am at a loss to understand the bad reviews for HueHearing. I am 100% satisfied with their service and customer care. I placed an order for one of their hearing aids and it was delivered within the timescale they said. They updated me every 2 or 3 days on shiping and delivery. They replied within minutes to email enquiries. The actual product is far superior to the very expensive ones I have been using for years. Lovely people to deal with.

  4. I can’t say if the hear aids are good or bad. I can tell you I paid for priority mail and two week later,nada! I talked to them and they know less than a stone about where the heck they are.USPS says they did not get my package from them. I ordered one on the 5th and it was not given to USPS FOR 10 days and. HUE BLAMED THE USPS. It stinks. I get things all the time from all over the world in 3 days. So I know what is possible and what is total BS. So far, his hearing is BS.

    1. Stephen
      I have been waiting and still for my paid 4 day priority mailing shipment, 9 days ago. What I finally did was to pull up my track number off their email to me on deilvery (2 to 5 days), only to find that in truth (web. search tracking all numbers) it has not even left the airport in Hong Kong which will only then will be held up in customs for clearance to be picked up by low-bidder courier .service.

  5. Absolute junk!
    Hearing amplifier is a accurate description! They make everything LOUDER! Not more clear or easy to understand… Just louder! The sound quality is crap at best!
    And it takes several weeks to get their crappy shit shipped from whatever 3rd world country their made in!


  6. I hate to admit it, but I too was scammed. Not that I didn’t expect to be scammed, but for the price, I thought I would give them a try and hope for a pleasant surprise. The only surprise I received was the extraordinary time it took them to deliver the alleged “hearing aids”. The performance of the devices met my expectations, which were set as low as possibly could have been set. In that regard, Hue didn’t disappoint.

    These things are nothing more than little amplifiers. They do nothing about adjusting for ambient noise surrounding the wearer. If you are outdoors and walk within 40 feet of an operating air conditioner compressor it will sound as if you are right next to a lawn mower or leaf blower at full throttle. When you’re wearing them and you try to speak, your own voice blasts your eardrums.

    This isn’t a case of just having to adjust the volume, which you can do with the little screw driver they provide. It’s that they shouldn’t be called hearing aids. They are mini amplifiers that are probably going to be hearing destroyers.


  7. I bought a pair, but didn’t have high expectations. Those expectations were met and exceeded, but in the wrong direction. These things (mini amplifiers, not hearing aids-in fact, they probably damage what’s left of peoples hearing), are crap. They do nothing about filtering out ambient noises around the wearer. They don’t help distinguishing between words. What they do is nearly deafen you if any sort of machinery is working nearby.
    Save your money, no matter how low the price.

  8. Ordered hearing aid in May 2021 and paid extra for faster shipment but didn’t come in on time and requested refund- they said to take a picture of the box, open it up and will send the refund. I could keep the hearing aids to use or give to someone else. It was used but ended up not working in a week. Never got the refund.
    I paid $155.91. Please be careful. This money could have been used to feed the kids, just discouraging when you believe in something that will help you help yourself, your family and at your job but ends up again costing you. Just makes you even believe more that maybe those expensive hearing aids are much better 110% and will do the best job to help you but you need to pay more…so save up!

  9. Well I can only say it as I find it
    Just received mine and they are excellent

    And customer service have been excellent in answering my questions

  10. I have had my Hue hearing aids for 6 months and love them. I have had several pair of the expensive ones costing

    I have had my Hue hearing aids for 6 months and love them. I only have 20% of my hearing and have had several pair of expensive ones, $5000 and they are better then the ones I have had that cost a fortune. The staff has been great to check on me and give me advise if I email them. You people that are unhappy go ahead and spend your life savings on big name hearing aids, but they are not as good as Hue Hearing. I am very happy with mine and my friends love that they do not have to repeat everything.

  11. I am a user of the Huehearing hearing aids. My complaint is they in fact work too well. So many sounds I don’t care to hear. I have had trouble with more than one going intermittent. I contacted them and they sent me a replacement. Had no trouble getting customer service at all. The trouble is they do go out too soon. I did buy the service “contract” for a very nominal fee. Good thing I did. Waiting to “hear” from them. I want them to be successful and have asked them to take my faulty units back to analyze wherein the fault originates. I will try to follow up. Don’t cut them short. Their shipping does take time but they will arrive.

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